The way to fade wrinkles that DOES work

Every woman wants to take good care of her skin. You too, right? An important part of your beauty routine should be exfoliation anyway. Unlike anti-ageing creams (which do not work), an exfoliant can fade wrinkles. If you exfoliate often, you will notice that your skin will look younger, brighter and fresher. Get rid of that dull winter skin and wrinkles. We tell you why you want to exfoliate even more and which exfoliants you want to purchase.

Why it works

If you think that exfoliating is the same as scrubbing, you are wrong. When you scrub, you remove the dead skin cells through the scrub grains. But when exfoliating, you use an acid to make sure that the dead skin cells come off even more easily. Your skin will not be damaged. Accumulated dead skin cells can cause dull and gray skin, which also results in flakes and impurities. If you exfoliate often, you ensure that you get smoother and fresher skin.

Are you 25 years or older? Then an exfoliant is already recommended by beauty experts. As your skin starts to age, your skin will have more and more trouble getting rid of dead skin cells. It depends a bit on the type of exfoliant you use, but some variants can also ensure that you remove pigment spots, fade wrinkles, reduce pimples and moisturize your skin. So you can call it a panacea.

An exfoliant with glycolic acid is right for you if you have dry skin (Like this do you also reduce dry skin) that is not sensitive or if you have aged skin. An exfoliant with salicylic acid is suitable for you if you have oily skin and sensitive skin. The Enzymatic Peeling and Primum Elixir from skin improvement brand hannah are also very suitable for sensitive skin. You can shop it first below. Always make sure to start with an exfoliant that has a low concentration of glycolic acid or salicylic acid. You can build it up slowly. We have listed a number of mild and less mild exfoliants for you, shop them below!

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