SEXY STORY: Travel together discount

“Good afternoon everyone, your ticket please.” I hear the conductor call down the aisle. Every day I see the brown-haired man sitting diagonally across from me and the reading elderly lady in this compartment. Not many people are traveling on public transport at this time, so I’m starting to recognize the passengers on the train.

My fingers feel in my jacket pocket, after which I quickly found my public transport card. I keep my pass at the ready, while I see out of the corner of my eye that the man next to me startles. He clearly did not hear the announcement of the audit; he makes eye contact with me. The panic in his eyes speaks volumes and with lead in his shoes he shows the pass with which he makes the journey.

“Do you know that the combined travel discount is on on your pass?”.

While I’m not too consciously trying to eavesdrop on the conversation, I’m curious to see where this is going. With some stammering, the boy begins his story: “I uhm…”

He does not look directly at the conductor and wipes a curl from his face with his fingers.

“He travels with me, you know!” I hear myself tell.

For a moment I am surprised. This is not something I would normally do. The unknown guy looks at me for a long time and then says confidently, “Yes, we’re going to my grandma’s to have lunch with her at the restaurant where she and my grandpa met.”

We know very well that our story is wrong, but the conductor decides to let it go. “Would you like to sit down for a while?” he says with a grin.

“Thanks for that, nice to finally get to know you. My name is Tom”, I hear him say.

His outstretched hand begs to be answered. “No problem, nice to know your name after a long time”, I respond with a smile.

The nervous feeling I feel under my stomach tells me enough. As his fingers touch mine, he stares at me just a little too long. The corners of his mouth curl up slowly and dimples appear in his cheeks. Despite sitting on a chair, I feel my legs getting weak.

We say nothing and enjoy the murmur of the train rolling over the track. For a moment I have no idea how to start a conversation with this handsome man. Out of the corner of my eye I see his fingers drumming on his knee. His tattoos on his forearm have often caught my eye, but now I see all the details.

“Do you like it?” I feel caught and don’t know where to look.

“I don’t have one myself,” I finally say. “But, I would like that. How did you get yours?”

He chuckles and then starts talking. His low voice takes me back to the time of his youth and the feeling he had there. What seemed like a subtle question turns out to lead me to details about him and how he views life. I hang on to his every word and he seems to notice. When he tells a sad part of his life, I can’t help but touch his upper leg. I want to let him know I’m here for him. He responds to this approach by stroking my fingers and continues.

That we are actually complete strangers doesn’t seem to matter. Due to the warm weather, only a skirt seemed enough to me. Right now I’m happy with my impulsive choice, because his hand is still on my bare skin. The piece of the past that he spoke so passionately about has now come to an end. Still, it doesn’t feel strange to sit quietly next to him.

I notice everything that he looks at me and does not intend to stop. To make sure I’m not dreaming, I move my head towards him. His green eyes look lustful and without speaking we both know exactly where this is leading. I slowly lick my lips to make sure they are soft enough. His stubble gets closer and closer until his lip piercing touches the outside of my mouth. A sigh falls over his lips as he kisses me passionately, as if he’s been waiting for it for ages.

I kiss back softly after which he slowly opens his mouth a little. Our tongues seem to play a game, as if they don’t want to let each other down. Everything in me screams that I want to touch this man. I want to caress his muscular arms, stroke his jaw and never let him go. His fingertips slide to the inside of my bare thigh. The touches last endlessly and every time he comes an inch closer to my black colored lace thong, my breath catches in my throat. This man has me completely under control and he knows it very well.

He looks at me for a moment, as if to ask permission to continue. This makes me fall for him even more than I already did. I move my hips back and forth so that the piece of cloth between my pleasure and his fingers gets even wetter than it already is. Fortunately, he takes the hint and puts his hand on my crotch.

“This was what you wanted?”

All I can utter is a moan as he looks at me confidently. He knows what he’s doing and that’s so incredibly sexy. Startled, I look at him to check if it wasn’t too loud. The compartment is still almost empty, but what we are doing here together is of course not the intention.

Tom doesn’t give me a chance to touch him, although I would love to. He pushes my shoulders against the window and pushes his fingers in, including my panties that are still in front of it. I am overwhelmed, the pleasure is so great and I don’t know where to look for it. His index finger gently moves in and out of me.

Then he whispers in my ear: “Shall I check if you are really wet enough?”

He pulls my thong aside and asks me to moisten his fingers. Desperately I suck and lick his finger until he thinks it’s enough. He gently rubs my outer labia as he observes me.

“So beautiful”, I hear him mumble.

Without warning, he slips in. “Oh, you’re even wetter than I expected!”

All I can do is nod and hope he continues. His thumb lands on my clit and his other hand slides to my breasts. You can’t miss the fact that my nipples are poking through my blouse. Gently he squeezes and caresses them through my top. I surrender completely and let him know that I’m almost there. The only thing he keeps staring at me.

“You can come for me, show me how horny you are.”

This is the last bit I need to pull me over the line. Never before have I experienced an orgasm so quickly. As softly as possible I come ready not to draw attention to us. He doesn’t give me a chance to catch my breath and crouches down in front of my chair. He clamps his fingers around the fabric of my skirt so that it doesn’t get in the way.

Before his tongue moves to my vulva, he winks at me. With long strokes he licks every bit and leaves no spot of my most sensitive spot undesired. By means of small licks he goes faster and faster over my clit. The intensity increases and I try to push my pelvis up. Powerfully he pushes me down with his muscular arms so that I can’t move in any direction. He decides how, where and when I come.

It doesn’t get any hornier than this. He caresses my labia with his fingers. The slow tempo of my fingers combined with the quick tongue work with which he works my clit makes me come again soon. My hands are on the back of his head and because I don’t want it to stop, I push him even closer into my vagina. The orgasm overwhelms me and I come shockingly. He stops and rests his head on my thigh.

“Wow,” I whisper under my breath.

Tom smiles self-confidently and gives me a few more small kisses on the inside of my thigh. The terminus approaches and while he licks his lips, I straighten my clothes.

“What do you actually do every afternoon in Utrecht?” I ask. “Having lunch with my grandmother, didn’t I tell you?” he says with a chuckle.

“Will I see you tomorrow?”

I smile and can only nod. It’s his turn next time.

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