Zerto 10 recognizes suspicious encryption

Zerto comes with new functionalities to recognize signs of a ransomware attack. The HP subsidiary recognizes within Zerto 10 with advanced detection mechanisms whether suspicious encryption of data is taking place in a cloud environment.

The new tool measures common encryption methods within an organization, which should only recognize the action of malicious actors.

“Zerto 10 provides a feature that is critical to providing resilient protection against ransomware: real-time detection of anomalous encryption attempts. This feature monitors incoming data streams and reports suspicious encryption. It can detect suspicious encryption and notify users in minutes. This diagnostic function therefore provides an early warning system for ransomware attacks,” Zerto said in the press release.


In addition, Zerto says to provide the “ultimate layer of protection” with the so-called Cyber ​​Resilience Vault.

“The new Zerto Cyber ​​Resilience Vault adds an extra layer of security to the early warning system. This digital backup vault uses a decentralized zero trust architecture to ensure rapid recovery from an airgapped environment. The solution therefore offers the fastest times for replication and discovery, isolation and locking, and test and recovery. Organizations can customize the Cyber ​​Resilience Vault to minimize the impact of the worst ransomware scenarios. The security and performance of Zerto’s Cyber ​​Resilience Vault enables organizations to meet the requirements of current laws and regulations.”

Zerto 10 also says it offers a ready-to-use Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance that could be deployed quickly to ramp up security. This new Linux-based appliance replaces the legacy Windows-based Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) and is more secure and easier to deploy. The solution is automatically maintained by Zero based on regular product updates. Organizations upgrading legacy ZVMs to the Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance benefit from a smooth migration.

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