You will pay this for Videoland from 20 June

Videoland has three different subscription formulas. In addition to a Basic subscription, there is also a Plus and Premium subscription. In the first case nothing changes. The basic subscription remains the same price. For the Plus and Premium subscription you will pay 1 euro more per month.

The Dutch streaming service has put an FAQ online with frequently asked questions about Videoland’s new prices. The streaming service wants to offer even more exclusive series, films and documentaries from its own soil and internationally every day. Therefore, a price increase was necessary, according to the streaming service. The price increase will take effect on June 20. Subscribers will be notified of the increase at the latest this month.

You will pay this for Videoland from 20 June

The basic subscription with advertising will cost you 4.99 euros per month and it will remain that way. The Plus and Premium subscription are ad-free and go up by 1 euro per month. The Plus subscription increases from 8.99 euros to 9.99 euros. The Premium subscription increases from 10.99 euros to 11.99 euros per month. The difference between the two subscriptions is the number of devices on which you can watch at the same time. With Plus this is a maximum of two devices at the same time, with Premium this is four devices.

As far as we are concerned, the price increase is a good time to take a look at the image and sound quality at Videoland. Together with SkyShowTime, the quality in 2023 is really below par with a maximum of HD resolution and stereo sound.

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