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You will definitely need these tools if you are going to change your homeAre you planning to change your home? Then it is of course very important that you have the right tools at hand. But what are tools that you are guaranteed to need when changing your home? We discuss it all below.

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Different screwdrivers

A set of screwdrivers should not be missing when you start changing your home. This is because screwdrivers are extremely useful when assembling furniture and hanging paintings or shelves. There are different types of screwdrivers, a flat and Phillips screwdriver are always important to have in different sizes. Are you looking for the right screwdriver and other tools? Then you can visit


A good hammer is also essential to always have with you when you are going to renovate something. This is because you can drive nails in with a hammer, secure materials and generally make repairs. Make sure you choose a good hammer and a comfortable hammer with a grip and a light weight.

Drilling machine

In addition, a drill is very important. With a drill you can fix screws and drill holes in different materials. A drill is ideal for many different jobs. So make sure you buy a good quality drill with, not to mention, different drill bits.

Spanners and ring wrenches

Spanners and ring spanners are extremely important to have close at hand during the renovation. These keys are useful when assembling and disassembling furniture. In addition, these keys are extremely important when using nuts and bolts. There are many different sizes of nuts and bolts, which is why it is important to have different sizes of wrenches and ring wrenches at home.

Sandpaper and a sander

Sandpaper and a sander are useful for sanding certain surfaces. This way you can apply paint quickly and easily after sanding, as you sand old paint and rough edges smooth. Sandpaper and a sander are therefore very important if you are going to paint a surface, for example.

Measuring is knowing

In addition to all the above tools, you will of course also need measuring tools. A tape measure and a spirit level are measuring instruments that are extremely important. With measuring tools, you can easily assemble paintings and furniture straight and accurately. So beautiful in your ‘new’ home.

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