You want to do these five things in the first year of motherhood

As a new mother, it is sometimes difficult to let go of control or to trust that everything will work out. You are super protective of your baby and of course that is completely normal. Still, you’ll see that the sooner you can let things go, the easier motherhood becomes (especially in the long run). These things may seem a bit difficult in the first year, but you will want to get used to it.

You want to do it all as best you can, but remember that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. You are doing it all much better than you think!

Do these little things in the first year

These are of course tips. If you don’t feel comfortable taking your child to that restaurant yet, don’t do it. Everything at your own pace

1. Going on a date without your child

You are in love with your little one and want to look at it all day long. And touch. And hugging. Still, it’s important not to forget yourself from time to time. So it is important that you and your partner spend time together – without your child. It may take some getting used to, but the sooner you schedule this, the easier it is.

2. Take your child to a restaurant

Not only fun to go on a date with just the two of you, but it’s just as fun if your son or daughter can come along. The sooner you take your child with you, the sooner you will get used to it and the easier it will eventually be.

3. Take your baby to the store

If you survive this outing in his/her first year, you will feel invincible. You may feel some anxiety or stress thinking about having to go through that shop with your little one, including buggy, groceries and shopping basket, but believe me, the sooner you plan this outing, the more confident you will feel.

4. Share your frustrations with someone

Just because you just became a mom doesn’t mean you can’t complain. Can’t you cry anymore? Or would you give anything to just sleep through the night? You can be quite honest about that – especially in your first year. Sharing your feelings every now and then can be very nice.

5. Let fathers help out

We get it: especially in the beginning you are over-protective of your son or daughter and you will find it difficult to entrust your baby to someone else. It’s understandable that you don’t just take your child to your neighbors, but by sharing all the responsibilities right away, you’ll see that it makes your life a lot easier in the long run.

This way you let your baby get used to his or her own bed

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You want to do these five things in the first year of motherhood

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