You need that much money to belong to the richest 1 percent

Look for a bigger piggy bank. You need that much money to be counted among the 1 percent.

Our financial life goals remain modest for now. Before we make an attempt to belong to the list of all billionaires in the Netherlands – or Belgium – we must first be part of the illustrious 1 percent club. But how much does such a pricey membership cost?

The richest 1 percent per country

The 1 percent club rose to near-infamous status during the global financial crisis of 2008. But the wealth required to join their ranks varies widely from country to country. While the 1 percent can be considered the pinnacle of excess, the price of club entry falls well below the definition of a so-called ultra high net worth individual. Also called a person with a net worth of more than $30 million. As explained earlier, the greatest concentration of this UHNWI is unsurprisingly found in Monaco. And the Prince State once again takes the cake.

According to an annual report by Knight Frank, a global consulting firm and major real estate player, the amounts below are each country’s minimums to be among the local wealthy ultra-elite. Thanks to the European allies, you can get an idea of ​​how much the registration fee costs in the Netherlands.

Country Membership
Monaco €11.5 million
Switzerland €6.1 million
Australia €5.1 million
New Zealand €4.8 million
United States €4.7 million
Ireland €4 million
Singapore €3.2 million
France €3.2 million
Hong Kong €3.1 million
United Kingdom €3 million
Italy €2.4 million
Spain €2.3 million
Japan €1.5 million
UAE €1.5 million
China €890K
Czech Republic €810K
Saudi Arabia €680K
Romania €540K
Malaysia €450K
Brazil €400K
Mexico €350K
India €160K
South Africa €100K
Philippines €52K
Kenya €18K

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You need that much money to belong to the richest 1 percent

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