You have to think about this if you want to start a Brand

Do you want to start a business and start selling products or services under a brand name? Then there are a number of things you should know in advance. Read on quick.

Make a business plan


When you start a business it is always important to make a business plan. This is not mandatory if you register with the Chamber of Commerce, but it is highly recommended. A business plan forces you to think about how you want to run your business. You think about many things, such as your target group, the current market and your marketing strategy. The marketing plan is a separate part of your business plan. The more extensive your business plan is, the easier it is to start your business. This also gives you a good insight into the budget.

The Chamber of Commerce

As with any company, you must register with the Chamber of Commerce. This costs 50 euros once. You then have to make sure that you arrange all matters for the Tax and Customs Administration. For example, you must submit and pay VAT returns at least every three months. If you don’t earn that much money yet, you can qualify for the kor scheme. You then temporarily do not have to charge VAT on your services and/or products. You will find all the conditions for the Kor scheme on the government website.

The identity of the brand

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For your business plan, you also think about the identity of your brand. A company name can also include several brands. For example, you can start with a brand now and start more brands later. First starting with a brand is the most sensible, because it allows you to focus on a goal. In your business plan you describe as precisely as possible what the identity of your brand is. These are all external characteristics of the brand, such as color, style and font. It helps to see your brand as a person. You can then turn it into a persona, so that the brand identity becomes more visual. In addition to the identity, you also have to think about the vision and mission of your brand.

The logo

To make your brand visual, you need a logo. This logo must be in line with the identity of the brand. Have your logo designed by a professional. This makes the logo of good quality. Make sure you give the professional a good briefing, so that the professional knows what to take into account. Once you have a logo, use it on your website and all social media platforms. You can also create logo stickers and personalized stickers for your products.

You can also apply for a patent on your brand name. This is not necessarily necessary, but can save you money later. Other companies will then not be able to use the brand name. In the short term it is an investment, because it is not free.

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