XO, Kitty is streaming on Netflix starting today

Yay! Today we are all free due to Ascension Day and you will undoubtedly do something fun, but if you have to bridge some time, quickly go to Netflix, because the spin-off of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ called “XO, Kitty” is now live! In this new series we follow Lara-Jean’s little sister, Kitty. The little matchmaker has made sure her sister is happy in love (with some bumps) but now it’s her turn.

XO, Kitty now on Netflix

During the family trip to South Korea, Kitty meets a very nice boy, but that distance is very great. So she devises a clever plan to be closer to him.. she enrolls in a Korean school.

Of course, Kitty finds out that love isn’t all as beautiful and romantic as she thought. Jenny Han, the author of the To All The Boys I’ve Love Beforebooks and movies, has co-created the series with Sasha Rotchild XO, Kitty invented. Of course, the characters are played by the same well-known actors and actresses from the earlier films. Kitty is now a bit older herself and no longer plays the ‘little sister’, she is now the real one main character.

Netflix is ​​going well

Sometimes you have those periods when you don’t have much to watch… but that’s not the case now! We also absolutely love the new series (also a spin-off!) Queen Charlotte. This series is also extremely popular and that is of course also because it is completely à la Bridgerton is, even in the world of Bridgerton. We see stories from the youth of Queen Charlotte, Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury. Young Danbury is played by Arsema Thomas, a beautiful actress who plays the role perfectly. So perfect.. that you actually don’t realize that the actress is not British at all. What?

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