WWDC 2023 program announced: This is when iOS 17 will be revealed

Only a few more weeks and then the best Apple event of the year starts: the WWDC – you may already know that. But now Apple has revealed the full schedule for the event. So we now know exactly when iOS 17 (and much more) will be announced!

Apple WWDC 2023

WWDC 2023: date announced

The WWDC is Apple’s conference for developers and Apple enthusiasts. It has already been announced that WWDC will start on Monday, June 5. But now we know for sure that the long-awaited keynote will take place that day, and it will at 7 p.m. Dutch time. This keynote can be followed live worldwide via YouTube, among others, so anyone interested can follow the revelations.

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program WWDC23

For the attendees at Apple Park (Apple’s headquarters in California) it doesn’t stop there. After the keynote, they will be given a tour of Apple. Participants can choose from a tour through the main building (‘the ring’), or through the park in the middle of the building. Later that day, the Apple Design Awards will also be presented, with Apple highlighting the most interesting apps of this year.

For the app developers, it really starts after that. WWDC23 will run through Friday, June 9, during which time Apple will host several meetings where developers hear all about the things announced during the keynote. This way they can immediately adapt their apps to everything that is new. Apple is currently still secretive about the content of the sessions – not to say anything about the announcements.

iOS 17 and more

The question is: what exactly is being announced? Like every year, Apple announces the new operating systems, with all kinds of new features and improvements. This year at least iOS 17 for the iPhone, iPadOS 17 for the iPad, macOS 14 for the Mac, watchOS 10 for the Apple Watch and tvOS 17 for the Apple TV. But it probably won’t stop there, because we also expect new hardware.

All eyes are on the biggest new Apple product in years: the Apple Reality, a headset that supports both augmented and virtual reality. That includes a completely new operating system, which is probably called xrOS. There are also rumors about a 15-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip – a 13-inch variant was already released last year. Also read our article WWDC 2023: our expectations for the biggest Apple event in years.

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Source: via 9to5Mac

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