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Beautiful players’ wives hide behind many football players. Many star players say it’s nice to have someone to fall back on, but the ladies also enjoy the success. The players’ wives enjoy a luxurious life and enjoy the exclusive parties, beautiful hotels and wonderful restaurants.

However, it is not all roses and moonshine in the life of a football woman, because as a partner you depend on your successful husband or boyfriend. The transfer market is a neat way to move players to every corner of the world. In many cases, the football women have to go with their partner and suddenly have to leave all their friends and family for the career of their great love.

Many ladies turn out to be influencers and are an idol for many people, partly because of the luxurious life and the beautiful things that have come their way. Football women often find each other in the stands of the football clubs and enjoy a nice glass of wine on the terrace, a delicious dinner at a good restaurant and the necessary luxury. A day at the beach, a nice massage in the spa or a round of shopping also fits perfectly into the life of a football woman.

However, there are also ladies who convert the success of partners into a thriving brand. They set up a beautiful clothing brand or become the face of a multinational, partly because the women have a wide range, often due to the performance of the football players with whom they are associated. Men, on the other hand, prefer to spend an evening at the casino with a group of friends or bet on sporting events.

For the men among us who still want to take a chance on football matches, there are now enough legal bookmakers available. The website FootballGokken.nl helps you find the ideal provider. Here you can find the best odds and bonuses for the matches you want to bet on.

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