With this update, ChatGPT becomes a bigger threat to Google

The most popular chatbot, ChatGPT, is getting an update, making it an even bigger threat to Alphabet, the parent company behind the Google search engine.

The news: OpenAI is announcing a number of major updates to ChatGPT, including a free official iPhone application, as well as Internet access.

The details: ChatGPT has so far only had access to a database containing information up to and including 2021. Due to the internet access, the AI ​​bot will now also be able to consult current information.

  • The bot will therefore be able to answer questions related to recent news. It will also be able to link to new studies or retrieve daily financial data and make analyzes or forecasts.
  • And it will even be possible to go deeper into certain topics as the generative AI will list its sources.

An important progress

  • ChatGPT’s access to the internet is sure to hurt Alphabet and its AI-powered search engine as the Mountain View company loses its main advantage.
  • But the battle is not lost yet, as OpenAI warns that the AI ​​bot still has limitations. The new version of ChatGPT can be slow and buggy due to blocked pages.
  • Furthermore, ChatGPT’s access to the internet is restricted, which can limit its analysis and even lead to errors.
  • In addition, the AI ​​bot will currently only consult resources in English, thus limiting the potential of its knowledge.

How can you use the new version?

Unfortunately, this important – and upcoming – update to ChatGPT is not available to everyone. Only ChatGPT Plus subscribers can enjoy it.

  • To do this, go to the site and click on the three dots next to your e-mail address in the left column.
  • Select “Beta features” and activate “Web browsing”.

Other improvements

Along with that update, OpenAI announced the arrival of plugins. It is now possible to integrate it into the chatbot to improve the user experience with new features to meet specific needs.

  • The range of plugins is currently modest, so there is still room for improvement.
  • But these additions from OpenAI are noteworthy and only confirm ChatGPT’s competitive edge.


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