With this secret ingredient, your scrambled eggs will become much tastier

An egg can never hurt! You can prepare it in many ways and it is also healthy and filling. Do you occasionally make scrambled eggs? Then you might want to add this secret ingredient to your egg from now on.

scrambled eggs
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Scrambled eggs with this ingredient

Do you opt for scrambled eggs if you go for an egg? Then we have a tip for you. Or well, TikTok has a tip for you! Every now and then we also end up on food stick and then we see the most delicious recipes pass by. But it doesn’t stop there. On TikTok, many people share tips to make existing recipes even tastier.

Now we found the tip to take your scrambled eggs to a higher level. And you only need one ingredient for that. Are you familiar with panko? This is a kind of breadcrumbs, but slightly different. Actually it is the Japanese version. It is made from bread and is therefore slightly sweeter than normal breadcrumbs. Adding panko while whisking your egg will give your egg more structure. The panko is coarser and therefore provides a crispy bite.

This is how you add panko to your egg

To get the desired effect, you have to add the panko in two moments. First of all, add about two tablespoons of panko to the butter in the pan as soon as you put it on the fire. Then you beat your egg and add another one or two tablespoons of panko to it. Then you put your egg mixture in the pan and prepare your scrambled eggs in the normal way as you are used to. Don’t forget to mix the panko in the pan (which you mixed with the butter in the beginning) well with the egg!

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