With these tips your website will be found in Google

Do you have a website or webshop and do you want it to be found quickly in Google? The process by which you make your website findable in the search engine is called search engine optimization. You can go to an online marketing agency, but you can also get started yourself! In this blog we share five tips with which you can make your website easier to find in Google.

1. Make your website suitable for mobile phones

Google gives priority to websites with a mobile version. Not surprising, because more and more people use their phone to quickly look something up. Before you get started, it is therefore important that you ensure that the mobile version of your website is well organized. Your website must look good on a smartphone, but it must also be technically sound. If a website loads slowly, visitors will lose patience and probably leave.

2. Blog at least once a month

The more content your website has, the more likely searchers will find you. Make sure your website has a blog page and post relevant content here. Do you have a webshop where you sell jewelry? Then your blog should also be about jewelry. A blog about jeans on the website of a jewelry webshop is of no use.

3. Use long tail keywords

When you start blogging, it is important that you use keywords. Of course, this should not come across as spammy, because a blog should be pleasant to read and useful for the visitor to your site. However, the keyword must come up often enough that it is clear to Google that your page revolves around this topic. Furthermore, long tail keywords often have more influence than short tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords with more than two words. People who search for something specific will find your website faster if you use many long tail keywords. An example of a long-tail keyword is “what does a diamond ring cost” or “buying jewelry in North Holland”. Of course, using a short tail keyword such as “blue chain” can’t hurt either. These kinds of terms are often much more natural to incorporate into your blog.

4. Make sure important information is clearly visible

Anyone who reads a book or magazine really does it to read. But internet users quickly lose their concentration and often read by scanning. Therefore, make sure that important information is found quickly: bullet lists, headings (headings) and an accessible menu all influence this. Put questions your reader might have in the title of your content, for example “What is lapis lazuli?” and answer in the paragraph below.

5. Engage an online marketing agency

It is not impossible to get started with search engine optimization yourself, but for the best results it is good to call in an online marketing agency. Semwerkt is a good example of an agency that specializes in search engine marketing. In Hoorn, the SEO specialists work hard every day to make customers’ websites a success. Do you want your website to be found in Google? Then contact Semwerkt.

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