why you shouldn’t use shower gel as a shaving cream

There are so many ways to get rid of unwanted hair. laser, waxing, waxing, you name it. The most popular method, on the other hand, remains shaving. Nice and easy and effective, provided you use the right tools for this. Use shower gel as a shaving foam alternative? Unfortunately that doesn’t work.

Shaving foam

According to dermatologist Dr. Anita Sturnham is it worth using shaving cream. Why do you wonder? “Shaving has a natural exfoliating effect, so it is important to use products that are specially made to promote shaving. Shaving cream makes it easier for the razor to glide over your skin, reduces friction and reduces the risk of irritation and cuts.”

However, do you use a different product for hair removal? So you better not do that anymore. According to the dermatologist, these products ensure that they ‘envelop’ the hairs, making them thicker and therefore more difficult to remove.


And if that’s not enough reason, your razor can also become dull. This can ultimately increase the risk of cuts. Ai!

“It can clog your razor blades, which ultimately means you have to use your razor more often to see results.” In the end so you spend longer shaving and because of the blunt blade your skin is not nearly as good smooth as it really should be.

Source: Her.ie | Image: Adobe Stock

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