Why you deserve Compensation with a Diesel car

Imagine buying a brand new diesel car convinced of its efficiency and compliance with emission standards. Then you discover that car manufacturers have manipulated test results so that their diesel cars only appear to meet emission standards. The harsh reality? These cars emit much more harmful substances than allowed, despite the illusion of compliance.

The result is disturbing – your diesel car loses its value and becomes harder to sell. As the owner of such a car, you have paid too much through manipulation by the manufacturer. Does that sound unfair? It is, and that is why you are entitled to compensation.

Are you eligible for compensation?

It’s time to take action if you:

  • Own or have owned a diesel car from Renault, Opel, Peugeot, Citroën, Mercedes, Dacia or DS;
  • lease or have leased a diesel car of these brands;
  • Your diesel car was built between September 2009 and September 2019;
  • A registration occurs diesel compensation.

How can you make a claim?


Filing a claim is easier than you think. Go to http://emissionclaim.nl/ where you can easily and quickly submit an application. This platform is specifically designed to help diesel car owners get compensation for the deception by car manufacturers.

On this website you will find detailed information about the process, the required documents and the steps to submit a claim. Make sure you have all relevant documentation and information to hand, such as title deeds and purchase invoices.

Don’t let the manipulation of car manufacturers go unpunished. Take control today and claim the compensation you deserve. This is not only an opportunity to get financial justice, but also to take a stand against unethical business practices that endanger the health of our planet.

Take matters into your own hands. Visit http://emissionclaim.nl/ and start your claim process today!

Why should you file a claim?

In addition to recovering the extra costs you incurred from buying or leasing a diesel car that is more polluting than advertised, filing a claim also helps hold car manufacturers accountable.

Manipulating test results is a serious violation of consumer confidence and environmental law. By filing a claim, you not only help yourself, but you also add pressure on these automakers to act more ethically and transparently in the future. This could lead to stricter controls and regulations, reducing the likelihood of this type of practice repeating itself in the future.

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