Why is everyone talking about the quiet luxury fashion trend?

Why is everyone suddenly talking about the quiet luxury fashion trend?
Why is everyone suddenly talking about the quiet luxury fashion trend? Photo Charlotte Mesman

Are you already on an article about the quiet luxury fashion trend reversed? If not, it will soon. Everyone who is a bit into fashion is talking about it these days. But what are we actually talking about? Is it something new? Not in our opinion. Quiet luxury is no more than classic, timeless fashion of high quality. And we have already written a lot about the comeback of classics this season 🙂

Quiet luxury. Quiet luxury

Street style fashion 2023. Trench coats
Street style fashion 2023. Powder pink trench. Photo Charlotte Mesman

Quiet luxury. Minimalism. High-quality materials. Craftsmanship. Elegant lines and shapes that are not outdated in a season. Subdued colours. Quiet luxury has never gone out of style. Think of fashion brands such as Brunello Cucinelli, Hermès, Max Mara, Ferragamo (at least until recently), Tod’s.

TikTok and Gwyneth Paltrow

The big driver behind the revival of quiet luxury is TikTok. The new generations stick labels and then enlarge the concept. If so the outfit of Gwyneth Paltrow being labeled ‘quiet luxury’ during the court hearing about the now famous skiing accident, that is adding fuel to the fire. (The actress wore wide brown corduroy pants, solid brown lace-ups, a light turtleneck sweater and a classic, long coat in an olive green color). Throw in another hit series like HBO’s succession into battle, as we have seen in multiple media outlets, and the fire is burning high. Finally, if the term ‘old money’ is also used – something that works well in times of a high end coronation and discussions about whether or not countesses can wear bathing suits – then you have a practically hype.

Is it hype?

Trouser trends for summer 2023
Trouser trends for summer 2023. Cigarette leg straight trousers. Photo Charlotte Mesman

As we said, is quiet luxury nothing new. There are always (stylish) ladies (and gentlemen) who dress timelessly. And there are also many young people who nowadays prefer to save for a nice coat instead of buying two or three items according to the latest fashion trends. But that quiet luxury, something that has always been and will always be, suddenly a trend, a hype, we like to believe. After years with bright (read: loud) colors and fantasies, after several revivals of the logomania and after all those insistent oversized volumes the moment of ‘silence’ has arrived as a counter-trend. But that trend too will pass and then it will quiet luxury again are exclusively reserved for those who have this elegant and expensive (looking) look at heart. Then the ‘real quiet luxury’ will rise 🙂

How do you dress your ‘quiet luxury’?

Fashion trends spring summer 2023. The white blouse
Fashion trends spring summer 2023. Seventies blouse with jeans. Charlotte’s photo

Quiet luxury does not necessarily have to be expensive. As long as it is stylish and understated. Shift the emphasis to quality and simplicity. In the fashion for spring summer 2023 we come across a lot of items that you are very good at quiet luxury looks can handle. We mention a few:

  • The white shirt
  • The trench coat (nowadays again in the traditional colors)
  • The straight jeans
  • The long denim skirt
  • The culottes
  • The tennis skirt
  • Pants with cigarette legs
  • Natural fashion colors
  • The comeback of classic colors such as dark blue, gray and black
  • Classic black bathing suits (aka the little black dress of the beach)
  • Moccasins
  • Ballerina shoes (flats)
  • Vintage bags or bags with a vintage look
  • Gold earrings and gold chains (small and sophisticated)

Let your mind wander about it. Maybe you will get inspiration for your fashion look for summer 2023 from it.

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