Which hair products are the most sustainable? –

Which hair products are the most sustainable?

We all know by now that a sustainable life is the future. And you can contribute to this yourself by making smart choices in the products you use. But which hair products are actually sustainable? In this article we tell you!

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients form the basis of sustainable hair products. These ingredients are not only better for the environment, but also for your hair. Synthetic fabrics can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are gentler on the scalp and hair, and also provide optimal care. Think of argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. By choosing hair products with natural ingredients, you contribute to a healthier world and a healthy head of hair.

Vegan hair products

Veganism has become increasingly popular in recent years. There is also a growing market for vegan products in the field of hair products. This means that these products do not contain any animal ingredients. This makes these hair products also suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Vegan hair products are not only animal-friendly, but also a good choice for the environment.

Reusable and recyclable packaging

Sustainable hair products are not only about the content, but also about the packaging. Therefore, choose hair products with reusable or recyclable packaging. This is how you contribute to a circular economy. You can also choose to buy large packages of hair products, instead of several small ones. This not only saves packaging material, but also money.

Sustainable hair products

Sustainable hair products are a good choice for you and the world around you. These are our favourites:

  1. Shampoo Bars: these solid shampoos come with no or minimal packaging. They are often made from natural ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals. One shampoo bar is often equivalent to several bottles of shampoo.
  2. Reusable hair masks: much more durable than disposable hair masks are reusable masks. These are made of durable materials and can be used repeatedly.
  3. Natural oils: coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oil are sustainable hair products that come from natural sources. In addition, they are multifunctional and can be used as a moisturizer, leave-in conditioner or as a heat protectant.
  4. Refill systems: some brands offer a refill system for their hair products. This means you only have to buy a refill for your shampoo or conditioner instead of having to buy a whole new bottle. This can be a sustainable option as it produces less waste.

By choosing sustainable or natural hair products you contribute to a healthier world and a healthy head of hair. One of the brands that focuses on sustainable hair care is DS Laboratories. Their Revita shampoo is an example of a hair product with natural ingredients that are also effective against hair loss. So win-win!

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