Which crypto to buy now for maximum profit potential? ChatGPT predicts emerging crypto gainers

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As a crypto trader you are always looking for the next crypto coin to explode. You only need to get there in time a few times and you can make up for your whole year with the huge max win potential.

However, predicting the next crypto riser is not that easy. There is often a high degree of randomness in the next cryptocurrency gaining traction within the market and sometimes it seems based on nothing.

The crypto market has been around for about 14 years now and that may sound like quite a long time, but it is of course nothing for a completely new financial market. There are still doubts on all sides about what crypto can mean for the world and how governments should deal with the technology.

That doubt continues for the time being and that makes it a market in which a lot seems to be tolerated. For example, memecoin after memecoin emerged last week, when these were actually tokens that offered few real functions.

ChatGPT predicts emerging crypto gainers

To predict what the next crypto risers will be, traders look at all the options they come across. With the latest developments in AI from ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is also increasingly being used as a predictor.

Extracting real information from ChatGPT is still difficult as the information processed in the AI ​​is only up to 2019. You can, however, feed the AI ​​information to arrive at the best crypto trade for you.

Consider, for example, data about the price or more general questions about which crypto sectors will do well in the long term.

Top 5 emerging crypto risers

Based on ChatGPT’s answers, we have compiled a list of 5 crypto coins that have a good chance of rising. These are 5 brand new coins, as ChatGPT expected the most from them.

Below the list you will find an explanation of what it is exactly, how you can invest and why so much is expected of this coin or token.

  1. AiDoge (AI) – Earn money with AI generated memes
  2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – Recycle your waste and earn crypto!
  3. Copium (COPIUM) – Are you still in time for the newest memecoin?
  4. Launch pad XYZ (LPX) – Everything you need for Web3 trading
  5. yPredict (YPRED) – Let AI help you with your crypto trades

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Top 5 emerging crypto risers in more detail

Because hopefully you don’t just invest in every crypto coin that is recommended to you, we have described the crypto coins better below. In researching the coins, we looked at things like the function they offer, tokenomics, and the community behind the coin.

There are even more important aspects, such as the roadmap or the expected market cap at the first listing. Make sure you know enough about a project before you invest.

1. AiDoge (AI) – Make money from AI generated memes

AiDoge is a new project that is taking over the crypto world with a combination of AI technology and memes. An AI is currently being trained with thousands of memes so that it can develop memes for you.

It will do that based on a text that you enter and AiDoge has a lot of faith in the AI ​​because they already indicate that a meme will never be generated more than once.

To generate a meme at AiDoge you need credits and you can only buy those credits with AI tokens. Don’t worry, because you can also earn back these tokens if you have generated a nice meme.

This can be done by uploading the meme to the public wall. Here everyone can view each other’s memes and vote for his or her favorite picture. The memes with the most votes will receive a reward in AI tokens at the end of a certain period.

The fact that the project is already very popular is evident from the enormous amount raised with the presale, which has only been running for a few weeks. The $10 million mark will be broken today or tomorrow and then there won’t be very many tokens left.

The price of the presale also continues to rise after reaching this milestone and is getting closer to the amount the token will eventually be listed for. If you still want to invest, you have to be quick!

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2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – Recycle your waste and earn crypto!

From memecoins to another group of crypto coins that are doing well; the sustainable cryptos. Ecoterra is the latest addition to a group of projects that use crypto technology to save the world.

Last week also showed how much impact climate change can also have in Europe and Ecoterra wants to counter this. They do this with a Recycle-to-Earn system and their own CO2 compensation marketplace.

The tokens associated with the project also go under the name of ECOTERRA and also offer you a good chance to earn money.

Currently, the tokens are available in a crypto presale that has already raised over $4 million. You can still buy the tokens for $0.0085 now, but this will increase to $0.01 at the end of the presale.

With its application, Ecoterra not only focuses on consumers, but also wants to involve companies in the fight against climate change. Thanks to blockchain technology, all their efforts can be seen honestly and transparently, so there can be no question of greenwashing.

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3. Copium (COPIUM) – Are you still in time for the latest memecoin?

A new memecoin was launched last week and due to the smart way of launching it has already experienced a considerable increase. This is Copium, a virtual kind of drug for crypto traders.

The word Copium is derived from the word Cope, which is used in the crypto community to indicate how you deal with any losses, and Opium, the well-known drug.

Copium is an old-school meme crypto project that mainly wants to build on the crypto project through humorous pictures and a strong community. In doing so, they follow examples such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the two most valuable crypto coins of the moment.

As you can see above, Copium has lost some of the value it managed to build after the initial increase, but it has still remained well above the price at which the token became available.

In everything this project looks like mem coins that we have seen explode before and so this may well become the memecoin of the year. You can invest via the Copium website, where you will find a Uniswap widget where you can easily exchange your crypto.

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4. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Everything you need for Web3 trading

You may have come across the term Web3 lately. Crypto traders talk to Web3 about a new internet in which websites and applications are much more decentralized and crypto becomes an important part.

You can see it as the transition to a fully digital world in which payments also go completely outside the usual monetary system. Launchpad XYZ is a new platform dedicated to discovering these new Web3 projects.

They do this initially through education, you can read everything about Web3 on the platform, but you also receive tips. Those tips are given via the Trading Edge newsletter, so you are always informed on time about new Web3 projects that can break through.

Furthermore, Launchpad XYZ offers you your own trading terminal and decentralized exchange so that you can find everything in one place. For Web3 trading, Launchpad is your new home.

Launchpad XYZ also comes with its own token that you need to access Launchpad’s platform. The token is currently for sale in a presale for $0.0445 which will increase further to $0.0565 once the token is launched on exchanges.

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5. yPredict (YPRED) – Let AI help you with your crypto trades

Finally, another token that will use AI to let you make better crypto trades. yPredict’s AI can perform technical analyzes for you and monitors prices to discover patterns.

With the crypto signals that the platform gives, you can invest in time in the next coins that will explode. The platform developed on Polygon gives crypto traders with the well-trained AI a step ahead of the rest.

To use yPredict you first need YPRED tokens. With these tokens you can take out a subscription to the platform and use the various functions.

You can also stake the YPRED tokens and according to yPredict this can earn you interest of up to 45% per quarter. This is partly due to the fact that of all new subscriptions that are taken out, 10% of the tokens go to the people who have their tokens in a staking pool.

The presale of yPredict is still open for a while and here too you have the chance to get in extra cheaply at the moment. Where you now pay $0.07, that has already risen to $0.12 at the end of the presale.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own research before taking any action related to the promoted company or any of its mentioned companies or services. CryptoBenelux is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with reliance on goods, services or content mentioned in the press release.

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