WhatsApp is going to add more big, animated emojis

WhatsApp follows Telegram and comes with large, animated emojis. Now only the heart is shown large in WhatsApp, but this will change and will be expanded with even more emoticons.

WhatsApp is getting animated emojis

Thanks to information from WAbetainfo, we get more information about the changes that are being implemented in WhatsApp. Users may soon come across larger and animated emojis. When you now send a separate emoticon, it will be sent without any fuss. In Telegram, loosely sent emoticons are sent differently. These are displayed large and animated. This now also seems to be happening with WhatsApp.

emoji whatsapp

The feature will be added to the WhatsApp Desktop beta soon. In this we will see six animated emojis. The red heart is already animated when sent, but others will be added soon. Think of the smiley that cries with laughter, the crying face, or the one with the stunned or sad face. An example of this can be found above.

It is not known when WhatsApp will finally add the new animated emojis to the app. First the functionality will be added in the beta versions. Recently, the messaging service was expanded with chat locking. You can also send messages to yourself.

whatsapp messenger
whatsapp messenger

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