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Do you have a lot of clothes, a lot of make-up and do you like to have the space for it? A beautiful walk-in closet, a large bathroom and perhaps a make-up corner. Sometimes you have a spare room in the house where you can make something beautiful. But if you are going to move now, it is smart to take this into account. In this blog we will tell you what things you should pay attention to when buying a new home.

Moving is a chore. This blog explains the best way to move your beauty products.


A large bathroom is nice for everyone. You have the space to store things so it doesn’t get cluttered. You also have the space to take some time for yourself. A nice evening in the bath can do many wonders. When you go house hunting, it is therefore smart to think about what kind of bathroom you want. Do you have children? Then a large bathroom is nice anyway. Do you like to do extensive skincare? Then you need space to store things.

Walk in closet

Do you have too many clothes for a regular wardrobe? Then think about a beautiful walk-in closet. It doesn’t have to be huge! You can store all your clothes and shoes in a walk-in closet. You can furnish this space the way you want. If you have a lot of space here, you can also make a beauty corner here, where you can do your make-up. A large mirror is also indispensable, you should of course take a look at your chosen outfit. This is something you should take into account while looking for your dream home. A walk-in closet does take up some space. An extra room is certainly not superfluous!


Natural light

To create a perfect make-up look, light is very important. Natural light better reflects the colors of make-up, so you can better judge whether a product is suitable for you. The light can enter the house through large windows, but also through the colors in your interior. If you have an interior with many light colors, it will also feel lighter in the house. The light not only helps with your make-up routine, it is also good for your general well-being and self-confidence. The light provides fresh energy, which is why it is smart to make your beauty corner near a window. So make sure you look at houses with many or large windows, so that a lot of natural light enters the house.


If you are going to start decorating the house, mirrors cannot be missing in your interior. You have to be able to take a good look at your outfit and make-up. But mirrors also make a room appear larger. To make your walk-in closet look bigger, you can place a large mirror. The mirrors also reflect natural light around the room, so the room doesn’t look so dark anymore. A number of mirrors should therefore not be missing in your home.


Smart technology

If you have a bigger budget, you may be able to use smart technology in your home. There are smart mirrors on the market with built-in lighting and touchscreen options. This makes your beauty corner even more modern. Smart lighting in the walk-in closet is also a must. You can then simply ask Google Home or Alexa to turn on the light in the cupboard.

If you want many specific things in your home, it can sometimes be difficult to find your dream home. A real estate agent has experience with this and can help you find the perfect home in Maastricht, for example. For more information about a real estate agent in Maastricht, take a look at this website!

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