What does standing in your power mean?

Sometimes you have difficult times and then it’s important to stand in your strength. But how do you get into your power now? What does it mean that you are in your power?

The meaning of standing in your power

When you are in your power, you are satisfied with yourself. You can say that you are in balance. A setback does not upset you, you can handle it well. Standing in your strength works better if the things you do suit you. Think about your work, leisure activities, home. Whatever the interpretation.

We all have such a moment when we are needed for our environment and it is precisely then that it helps enormously that you are empowered. That means that you can be completely there for someone else and for yourself.

How do I do that?

It might help you to tell me how I do that. With things like this, it’s always essential to figure out what works for you. What feels good for you? After all, we are all different people and what works for one person can be counterproductive for another. Jenny and I often notice that too. We are so different, but we do some things the same.

For me it helps very well to do those things that I am good at, then I come into my strength. So, for example, by writing this blog for you and myself now, I come into my power. By writing things down and taking a moment for myself, I get different insights.

It sometimes seems as if the letters appear on the screen without me having to think very actively about what I want to say. It just pops out of my fingers. It is probably hunches from my subconscious that conjure up the right information on the screen. I don’t know how it works, but it doesn’t matter. I am in my element when I am writing.

Why is rest so important?

It is essential that I look for peace. Now I just did a 45 minute meditation and I also feel a lot more powerful. A meditation is something that works for me, but it makes Jenny very uncomfortable. She prefers to go for a walk in nature. I like to do that too. Nature really is a powerful tool when you’re not feeling well, especially if you’re going it alone. Alone with your thoughts. Very important!

Your brain relaxes. Even if you think it’s a mess in your head, with all kinds of thoughts coming in mixed up. Still, this helps to come back to yourself. Often the best ideas come. Just like they often come when you’re in the shower (at least we have).

Back to meditation. I felt I really wanted to do a long meditation today. I don’t think I’ve ever meditated for so long and it was wonderful. Last night I slept badly. That will be a combination of the transition and stress in our home. Just by meditating for a long time, there will be a nice rest and deep relaxation. Now I can handle a lot more than I first thought. I’ll keep taking it easy today (and for the rest of the weekend), but creativity is bubbling again.

helping others

It is now convenient and good (read necessary) to come into my strength, because we are dealing with some serious illnesses in our immediate environment. It is precisely by taking a step back now and then and taking good care of myself that I can help better when it is needed. The most exciting phase with my relatives is now over and that makes the tiredness come loose.

The moment you are not in your strength, you often become unstable and you are more likely to shoot, cry or crawl into a corner. If you need strength, those are not the things that help you. Letting go of the emotions every now and then is definitely good for you too. Bottling up or pushing emotions away is not advisable. Then it gets stuck in your body and you may get physical complaints later. So occasionally letting your tears flow is fine, but one day all the emotions that shoot back and forth? Hmmm, that could be different…

How do you get into your power?

Don’t you feel that you are in your power? Then take the time to do some research on yourself. What are you good at? What do you like to do? What exactly do you feel resistance to?
And how can you use your talents to deal with certain situations?

Just a practical example. The neighbor is sick and she needs help. There are a few people who can help. Suppose they ask you to make soup for the neighbor, but you can’t cook at all. Then it feels very heavy to help the neighbor. You will feel insecure and resistance will probably arise. But if someone is going to make soup who loves to cook, it will feel effortless for them.

You can stand in your strength by helping with something that suits you. Maybe you like cleaning. Or do you want to drive the neighbor to the hospital. Do something that suits you and what you enjoy doing. This way you stay true to yourself and you have a good feeling that you can help someone else!

What are your talents?

It is also important for yourself to do as much as possible that you feel comfortable with. For example, do you have a talent for drawing? Then also get started with your pencils in difficult periods. By drawing you take some distance, which helps to relax and you often gain new insights.

If drawing is something you enjoy doing, you can even draw a picture about your situation. If you like drawing, but you’re not that talented, you can make a mind map. That is a good tool that can give you an overview of the situation. Through this overview you can get new ideas/solutions.

You often keep spinning in the same circle in your head. Worrying. Almost everyone knows that feeling. Worrying at night during difficult times. Breaking those circles during the day will help you sleep through the night!

Eat well and stand in your strength

Now one last thing that is probably very recognizable. If you’re not feeling well, your body is crying out for sugars, alcohol, caffeine and all kinds of other stimulants. I recognize that in myself too.

I’ve been craving sugar for the past few weeks. As a kind of comfort food due to the exciting health situation of loved ones. That is of course also a vicious circle. Then your blood sugar will fluctuate and you will be hungry again and grab those sugars again. You get more tired, you don’t feel good and you look for short-term satisfaction and that feeling comes back faster and faster.

That in turn affects your quality of sleep and the cups of coffee in the morning… If you want to stand in your strength, this is something you have to break through. Awareness of what is happening already helps. Allow yourself to feel better about yourself again. Enjoy healthy oatmeal, smoothies, soups, salads and healthy evening meals again. That gives you energy, it satisfies hunger and prevents energy dips and, above all, the appetite for sugary products.

Oh yeah, another thing I started doing again is yoga. Working at home on my mat with good exercises to loosen everything that is stuck in my body…

Vanessa practicing yoga for her blog about "Stand in your power".

Writing this down was a moment of rest for me and an incentive to balance even more. I hope the tips help you too to get into your strength. Or maybe you already are.

Lots of love and strength if needed!

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