What are the latest bathroom mirror trends?

Do you want to give the bathroom a trendy look? Then don’t just think carefully about the bathroom furniture and the tiles on the floor, but also purchase a stylish mirror. A bathroom mirror can complete the picture! In this article we list the 5 biggest bathroom mirror trends. This way you can easily make a trendy choice.

1. Bathroom mirror with lighting

Bathroom mirrors should look beautiful, but above all be functional. A bathroom mirror with lighting is the ideal combination! Thanks to the built-in lighting, you always have a good view and at the same time provide an eye-catcher in the bathroom. Preferably choose a mirror with LED lighting. LED is energy efficient, has a long lifespan and is therefore a sustainable choice. Dimmable lighting is also available with which you can determine the intensity of the light yourself. So you don’t have to look directly into a super bright lamp early in the morning.

2. Bathroom mirror with heating

Do you also find it annoying when the mirror fogs up again while showering or bathing? With a bathroom mirror with integrated heating, this problem is a thing of the past. The heat ensures that no condensation forms. Heated mirrors are therefore also called anti-fog mirrors. Many bathroom mirrors with heating are also equipped with lighting.

3. Round and oval bathroom mirror

When we talk specifically about the shape and style of trendy bathroom mirrors, the round variant clearly stands out. Both round and oval mirrors are a stylish addition to your bathroom. It looks a lot more chic and playful than a rectangular variant. When there are too many straight lines in a room, the whole can appear rather stiff and boring. With a round bathroom mirror you immediately create a cozy atmosphere.

4. Asymmetric mirror with organic shape

Are you looking for a striking mirror for above the sink? Then take a look at an organic bathroom mirror with an asymmetrical shape. The effect is very playful and unique. Tip: choose a variant with built-in lighting so that the special shape comes out even more clearly.

5. Mirror with built-in radio

Did you know that there are also bathroom mirrors with a built-in radio? It may sound like an unnecessary luxury, but it is still a very nice addition. If the mirror also has Bluetooth, you can easily play your favorite music through the built-in speakers. This way you can start the day with a nice song!

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