Weekly menu for 23 to 29 May: recipes with spinach

Thinking about what to eat every week can be quite a task. To ensure that you don’t put the same dishes on the table every week, we are happy to inspire you with handy weekly menus. This week we’re going wild with spinach. Our favorite leafy vegetable that is currently in full season. Ideal.

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People with a vegetable garden will know: as soon as you have sown spinach, it will come up after three blinks. A good vegetable garden vegetable for people without patience. Another nice bonus is that the green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins A, B11 and K. So a powerhouse. Make this quick chicken noodle soup with it and you’re set for that nasty spring cold.

Quick noodle soup with chicken
Source: Nancy van Batenburg for Culy

> To recipe: Quick noodle soup with chicken and spinach


Although we think the stew and casserole season is coming to an end, when the sun is shining we still like to put a casserole with sweet potato on the table. Very strange, but the orange version of the beeper almost makes the sun shine; it tastes so sunny. This casserole with sweet potato, spinach and minced meat is a welcome hot meal this week’s menu. Another advantage: you can put it on the table in no time.

Casserole with sweet potato and minced meat for weekly menu recipes with minced meat
Source: Culy

> To recipe: Casserole with sweet potato, spinach and minced meat


This green shakshuka with spinach recipe is healthy, colorful and full of flavour. The mix of green vegetables creates a delicious sauce, flavored with coriander, dill and cumin. Serve it with bread and you have a perfect meal for brunch, lunch or dinner!

Close-up of green shakshuka with spinach

> To recipe: Green shakshuka with spinach


This sausage and spinach gnocchi recipe is like a warm hug from your best friend: comfortable and heartwarming. The gnocchi are soft and fluffy, the sausages are perfectly seasoned and the spinach provides the necessary vitamins. In short: enjoy, even without the hug of your best friend. Although we recommend that you eat this dish together in the spring sun.

Gnocchi with sausage meat and spinach
Source: Winnie Verswijvel for Culy

> To recipe: Gnocchi with sausage, hazelnut, spinach and rosemary


Never heard of Turkish pide, let alone eaten it? Dive into the kitchen now, it’s not difficult to make at all. Another nice bonus: one bite of this pide and you will find yourself in the exotic streets of Istanbul – but without jet lag and the souvenir shops. We fill it classically with feta and spinach, but if you’re in a stubborn mood you can add all kinds of other goodies.

Turkish pie
Source: Freya Zuidervaart for Culy

> To recipe: Turkish pide with spinach and feta


Note: this is not just any spaghetti with spinach! Your standard pasta dinner is transformed into a culinary sensation thanks to the addition of tahini, you know, that delicious sesame paste. An Italian nunna might shake her head at it, but that just makes us happy. All the more we have left for ourselves!

Spaghetti with spinach
Source: Ogechi Chibueze for Culy

> To recipe: Spaghetti with spinach, tahini and sage


End of the week and therefore perhaps don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen. Got it! This rice from the oven is a fantastic dish, because you only need one pan. That saves a lot of washing up. We add saffron and orange, which together with the chorizo, cardamom and ras el hanout makes this dish a Mediterranean dish that will make your taste buds dance.

rice from the oven
Source: WINnie Verswijvel for Culy

> To recipe: Yellow rice from the oven with chorizo, tomatoes and spinach

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Weekly menu for 23 to 29 May: recipes with spinach

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