Week 37 Golden Globe Race

The last sailor who started in the Golden Globe Race and was forced to continue in Chichester Class, Jeremy Bagshaw, is now less than 1000 miles from Les Sables d’Olonne. The South African sailor still has about 700 miles to the finish. And if you look at that in the light of circumnavigating the world, it doesn’t seem like anything. That should be done in about a week. ‘Should’ indeed, because then you assume the most direct route, which Kirsten Neuschäfer’s compatriot cannot sail because of the persistent northeasterly wind. At the start of week 37 in the Golden Globe Race, Bagshaw still combatively tweeted that this “yet another attempt to break his soul” would absolutely fail.

Snapped forestay

But the Golden Globe Race (Chichester Class or not) wouldn’t be the Golden Globe Race if there wasn’t another hefty plot twist in week 37. Half way through the week, in waves of about two to three meters and 25 knots of wind with gusts upwards, the attachment of Olleanna’s forestay it. Fortunately, the mast was not lost and Bagshaw needed no further assistance, but it was clear that sailing close to the wind was out of the question. The forestay cannot possibly be reattached at sea, but with the outer forestay and babystay she can still run a small headsail, a light genoa (in light weather) and run the mainsail. However, this does mean that Bagshaw seems to be heading more towards Greenland than towards France due to the current wind direction.

Drinking water supply is running out

As if the forestay problems weren’t enough, Bagshaw’s drinking water supply has now dwindled to seven litres. The reserve stock has completely run out due to a leak in the tank, so that Bagshaw has no choice but to filter seawater. However, the system he has on board for this only produces 250 ml of water per hour of pumping. So far from ideal. No rain is predicted for the coming week and the wind will continue to blow from the northeast. Bagshaw has now put herself on a water ration of 500 ml each. Hopefully that will be enough to get to Les Sables d’Olonne, but it’s practically impossible to predict when he’ll get there at the moment.

Golden Globe Race week 37
Jeremy Bagshaw’s position at the start of Week 38. Photo: GGR

Cover photo: Macmedia2021/ Simon McDonnell

You can read all about the Golden Globe Race and a weekly report on our special race page or listen to our podcast for an extra race review. Would you rather track the sailors every day? Then check the live tracker of the organization.

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