Week 21: this is what you want to see and taste this week

What do you want to see and taste? At the Culy editorial office, we discover so many new products every week that we decided to simply bundle them. Every Monday, at the start of a fresh week, we share our latest tasty discoveries with you. This way you are always aware of the latest food trends and innovations. What the Culy editors found for week 21? Find out!

This week: pandan ice cream, coffee ginger shots and roasted butter.

5x new discoveries for week 21

1. Botan Distillery

The world is not standing still and that certainly applies to the development of non-alcoholic drinks. While that offer was still limited and sad a few years ago, we have seen more and more positive changes in this recently. Bôtan Distillery is perhaps the best example of this.

This Antwerp taste institute gets the best out of home-grown herbs and flowers in order to create unique non-alcoholic drinks without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Red ‘wine’ with shiso, sansho pepper and cherry for example. Or a bottled cocktail with yuzu and mandarin. Not to mention their ‘spirit’ with pine, citrus and fennel blossom. We want them, all of them.

The non-alcoholic drinks from Bôtan Distillery can be ordered online via the webshop.

2. Butter crooks

Butter is quite high in our deliciousness hierarchy, especially if that butter also has great flavors and is packaged hip. For that reason, the Boter Boeven quickly caught our attention. Their ‘butter horny threesome’ consists of Spicy Tomato, Miso Honey and Burn Butter and will soon be for sale at Tuig van de Tichel.

Bring it home? Just a little patience until June 3, although you can probably pre-order via the Instagram post below.

3. Ginger coffee

Spotted at the Appie: shots that contain coffee in addition to ginger. And apple, pineapple and lemon. So you not only get the necessary dose of fruit, but also a portion of caffeine. Is that nice? We don’t know (yet), but we will test it soon.

AH Ginger Coffee shots are now available at Albert Heijn.

ginger coffee new products week 21
Source: Albert Heijn

4. Ice cream from Aisu

If we are not getting lost in the toko, there is a good chance that you will find us nosing around at STERK. Not only to score specialty beers or tortillas, also because of their great collection of ice cream. It is there that (besides that delicious ice cream from Tudy’s Kitchen) we recently found ice cream from AISU. In addition to being vegan and sustainable, this Asian-inspired ice cream brand is pretty good at coming up with exciting flavours. There are currently four: Pandan Pecan Creamy Coconut, Bangkok Peanut Chocolate Caramel, Golden Sesamy Crunchy Cookies and Java Vanilla Banana Fudge. Do you want to?

AISU ice cream is for sale at STERK (Amsterdam).

5. New oat milk in the Netherlands: Oddlygood

There’s a new kid in town, or in this case in the Netherlands and on the shelf with oat milk. Oddlygood comes from Finland and is very sympathetic. For starters, sustainability is at the forefront of their mission and they believe that taste is always leading. Striking: they use everything from the oatmeal (made from non-GMO oats), to strive for as little food waste as possible.

They also promise at Oddlygood that their vegetable barista milk will not flake when mixed with coffee (an abomination for fanatical home baristas who fail to do so). That All-in Barista oat drink has therefore been developed together with professional baristas. We tested it and were not disappointed with both taste and foam.

For the time being, there are four Oddlygood products for sale in the Netherlands at Jumbo supermarkets: All-in Barista, Oat Drink, Barista Vanilla and Barista Salted Caramel.

Oat milk from Oddlygood
Source: Oddlygood

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