‘Want this gossip to be out of the world’

We are already at the ninth episode of Temptation Island: Love or Leave. While there is still no heavy drama, there has been one recently juicy disclosure made. Marisol recently shared some details in a conversation about a racy conversation with Joel. But, was all that true?

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Spicy conversation

Recently the ladies had their second campfire. Again they were shown images of their men, but in the end these all seemed to be better than expected. Happy! Still, there was one image that caught everyone’s eye, especially Shanta. In a small piece you heard Marisol say something about Joel. According to her, Joel asked in the van if she would like to sleep with him.

Shanta was quite surprised about this. “I don’t think he would say that, but if it is, then it’s done for me,” she responded to the image she saw. “It’s really low of him if he would ask that, it’s a bit nasty.”


Marisol shared some juicy details in a conversation with Fawry on a new episode of Temptation Islands Beach Bar. But according to Joel, the whole conversation is twisted. He made that clear in a message to us. In the van with the group date, questions were asked to each other. Joel asked Marisol if she would go to bed on television, to which she replied no. He didn’t believe her and said she would. Mitch overheard the conversation and jokingly asked “Wouldn’t you do it with Joel or Lester too?” Marisol replied no for the second time.

So Joel never asked if Marisol would want to sleep with him. Logical too, since he has indicated several times that Marisol is not his Temptation. But as we all know, images and stories are often twisted in the program.

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