Visit the Eye Film Museum and make your own photo flipbook

How nice is it to go to a museum with a friend or as a date? We found the perfect museum where you may not have been yet and where you can make a very nice, personalized souvenir. At the Eye Filmmuseum you will not only learn everything about the history of films and film culture, but you can also make your own flipbook. You know those little books with a lot of pictures that are supposed to represent a kind of mini movie?

The Eye Film Museum

At the Eye Filmmuseum you can learn everything about film as art, entertainment and part of digital image culture. The building containing four cinemas, an exhibition space, an educational studio and a shop tells you everything about the history and origins of films and film culture. Because of its expertise in the field of film restoration, research and education, the museum is renowned worldwide for its knowledge.


It is therefore clear that you can learn everything about the history and development of films in the Eye Filmmuseum. You can also create your own flipbook here. But what exactly is such a flipbook? You probably remember it from before. The small books with lots of photos or drawings of a successive movement. When you flip through them quickly, the individual pictures seem to move: just like a movie! So you play the leading role in your own mini-movie. How nice is it to do this with your best friend or you foliage to make? This way you immediately have a nice memento of the day.


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Practical information

The Eye Filmmuseum is located next to the central station in Amsterdam on the IJ side. Just take the pound to the other side and you’re already there. So easily accessible! More great news: your self-made flip book only costs 6.95 euros! So who are you going to visit the Eye Filmmuseum with? Will it be you foliage or a boyfriend or girlfriend?

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Visit the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam and make your own photo flipbook

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