Viewers of Ex On The Beach all agree on this

The ninth season of Ex On The Beach: Double Dutch has started again. Well, we all noticed that too. This season is more intense than ever. The participants have already had a lot of fun together in the first two episodes. But that’s not the only thing the viewers are talking about, because they completely agree on one thing.

Ex On The Beach contestants viewers age young
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Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch

We had to wait a while, but now the new season of Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch has finally started. This one started off pretty intense right away, made possible by Marc-Junior, Janey, Ellen and Joey. They started the season right away and made it a very pleasant first day. Apart from viewers having something to say about this, of course, they also talked a lot about something else.

Young participants

You probably noticed this too, but the participants who participate in Ex On The Beach this season are quite young. So young, in fact, that viewers can’t stop talking about it. In previous seasons, the contestants were usually somewhere around their mid-twenties, but this season is different. Ellen, for example, is only 19 years old and her Ex Maxim, who walked out of the sea in episode two, is also only 19 years old.

This is what viewers think

The viewers of Ex On The Beach go all out online about the age of the participants. For example, someone says: “Whenever I watch such programs and see that they really look like 25, but then turn out to be 18/19, I really think. How am I older and look like at 16 years old? Someone else tweeted again: “So uncomfortable to look at those girls, they all look 14 except Georgina”

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