Verheydt: “I extended with completely different thoughts”

An excited Thomas Verheydt appeared in front of the camera after the 4-2 defeat of ADO Den Haag at Jong Ajax. Due to the loss in Amsterdam, the residents of The Hague will also play in the first division next season. The attack leader – who scored his hundredth first division goal – does not want to think too much ahead. “What it does to me doesn’t matter.”

Two matches before the end of the competition, it is clear that the club from the Hofstad can no longer finish eighth. As a result, ADO can no longer promote to the Eredivisie this season. ‘I’m sick of this’, says Verheydt after the thirteenth defeat of the season. ‘I even thought we could overtake MVV…’

ADO, currently the number twelve of the second level in the Netherlands, has not made enough claim to more, according to the striker. “We’re not good enough for the top eight. Especially the first half of the season we didn’t get many points. Then at some point you will do everything you can to turn it around. We fail at crucial moments’, he is clear.

Verheydt saw ADO’s tactical plan fail in the first half. “We wanted to keep it compact in the back. We wanted to hurt them, but we didn’t succeed, as is often the case… We gave everything in the second half. After the unfortunate red card you know it will end’, he refers to the direct red card that Guillem Rodríguez received from referee Martin Pérez in minute 53.

Verheydt questions the arbitrator’s decision. “I don’t think it was a red card and Kemper missed it. That’s kind of typical of this season, just like the second half. We want to, but it doesn’t work out and we’re a bit unlucky.’ Five minutes after the tea break, Boy Kemper made the connection goal, a few minutes later ADO ended up with one man less.

Club of a hundred
In the end, Verheydt took care of the final chord by taking care of the 4-2 on the instructions of substitute Mario Bilate. That was his 100th goal in the first division. ‘I would have liked to celebrate it differently. It was also my fiftieth year for ADO and that is a nice milestone. I make forty percent of my goals with my head. Nice for me, but I can’t think about it right now. It’s just shitty.’

This season there are still two games ahead, in which only honor is at stake. “I want to finish the season in a winning way, for the supporters. But it’s just a shitty year: a very painful year. It’s my first season not making the playoffs. Everywhere I’ve played, I’ve been allowed to play playoffs. This is very sour. I extended with completely different thoughts.

‘I’m not thinking about next year at all’
Many ADO players still remain in great uncertainty about their future. No fewer than fifteen expiring contracts have still not been renewed. ‘It doesn’t matter what it does to me,’ says Verheydt. ‘I still have two years (a contract, ed.) So I just focus fully on ADO. I tried every game to save us. I’m not thinking about next year at all,” says the club’s top scorer with twelve hits.

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