UFO expands with two chain wax products and bike wash

The brand dates back to 2012. That year, Jason Smith founded Friction Facts, a drivetrain efficiency laboratory that measured power loss due to friction to within one-hundredth of a watt. In 2016, CeramicSpeed ​​acquired Friction Facts. This cemented CeramicSpeed’s reputation as a manufacturer that believes in a data-driven approach. Shortly after their joint venture, the first UFO Drip product was launched: a Chain Coating that was spotlighted as a ‘Data Driven Revolution’.

There is now a full-fledged product family of advanced maintenance and care products. New this spring is that the design of the products and packaging has been refreshed. For example, there are smaller bottle sizes. This is to make the UFO range suitable for a wider group of cyclists – UFO has been working with larger teams for some time.

Three new products

Three new ones have also been added to the range. In the first place there is the UFO Drip Wet conditions, a chain wax for use in wet weather conditions. According to the developers, the chain is above average protected against damage in the rain.

Also new is the UFO Drip Indoor, a coating that is mainly intended for use in clean conditions, such as indoor and track cycling. According to UFO, this product on the one hand counteracts unwanted friction for more efficiency and on the other hand prevents excess wax from appearing on the surface after the first use. This can happen with chain wax.

Finally, there is the UFO Bike Wash. This is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent that has been extensively tested and is suitable for all surfaces of the bicycle. The UFO Bike Wash can be used both indoors and outdoors and contains no added fragrances.

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