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In 2020, during the corona pandemic, e-commerce took off enormously. The following year this growth continued and record after record was broken. Online shopping is becoming an increasingly important part of our purchasing behaviour, resulting in more packages than ever before. Both retailers and parcel deliverers are forced to be creative due to the high volumes. Which trends can be observed and what can we expect from the future?

New delivery options

More than 3,000 packages are shipped worldwide every second! According to predictions, this will double by 2026. Robotization is necessary due to this increasing parcel volume. You can think of the use of autonomous delivery robots, self-driving vehicles and even drones. In addition, there are smart solutions such as Homerr, which use collection points located on existing routes of logistics service providers. It takes a little longer for the customer to receive his package if you choose to ship this way, but it is much more sustainable. This way you save up to 79% on the CO2 emissions of a package. For sustainability reasons and to save costs, you choose to pack packages in a suitable box. Shipping boxes made to measure take up less space and optimally protect the contents of the package.

Flexibility in delivery options

Flexibility in delivery options is important to a vast majority of consumers. In addition, half of the people want to be able to change the delivery time in the meantime, if their package is already on its way. Many consumers want to choose between same-day, next-day or even day-specific delivery. Transport services are setting up premium options for this, such as Sunday delivery or evening delivery. Thanks to mailbox boxes many products can also go with the normal mail. The recipient does not have to stay at home and postage costs are saved.

Delivery subscription

Have your orders delivered for a fixed amount per month or per year: Amazon was the first to do this in 2005 with Prime. Over the past few years, more and more retailers have been offering a similar subscription model. This is an excellent way to bind consumers for a longer period of time and to stimulate conversion. If you can benefit from ‘free’ shipping at one webshop, you will of course not order from another.

(more) sustainable delivery

Green delivery is becoming increasingly important due to the growing volume of parcels. For example, European countries have agreed to strive for an emission reduction of 55 percent by 2030 in the Green Deal. Van emissions must be reduced by 50 percent in order to achieve this ambitious target. Parcel deliverers are investing in electric trucks and other Co2 neutral vehicles to do their part. Many large webshops also choose to work with delivery services that deliver by bicycle.

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