Trauma helicopter Eelde is in Frisian pasture for 24 hours due to malfunction

Friesland – The trauma helicopter stationed at Groningen Airport Eelde has been in a meadow in Friesland since Friday evening with technical problems. On Saturday evening, mechanics managed to solve the problems. According to the emergency services, readiness was not in danger. That reports Otv.

The Mobile Medical Team, MMT, was ordered to fly to Rotsterhaule, in the municipality of De Fryske Marren, on Friday evening. When they wanted to fly back to Eelde after the deployment, an error message appeared. The crew of the helicopter was then taken back to Eelde by car. “A reserve helicopter is almost always ready at Lelystad,” says Oogtv. “This helicopter, the PH-UMC, flew directly to Eelde.”

In the meantime, mechanics in Friesland went to work to solve the problems. It took more than 24 hours. The helicopter took off at around 8:45 p.m. The sounds are also that the problem has been completely remedied. The expectation is that the helicopter can therefore be used again, after which the PH-UMC can return to Lelystad.”


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