Top 10 Unique Accommodations in the Netherlands

When you think of the Netherlands, you probably see images of tulips, windmills and clogs. But the Netherlands is more than just a picturesque landscape. It is also home to some of the most unique hotels in the world. Here is our top 10 of unique places to stay in the Netherlands.

1. Cube houses in Rotterdam

cube houses
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Why sleep in an ordinary building when you can also sleep in a cube? Designed by the architect Piet Blom, this geometric dream is a must-see in Rotterdam. One of the cubes has been transformed into a hotel, so you can literally sleep in a work of art.

2. The Fallon Hotel, Alkmaar – Sleeping in an old prison

fallon hotel
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The Fallon Hotel in Alkmaar offers a mix of modern comfort and historic charm. Located in a former prison building, you can enjoy a night ‘behind bars’ without the associated criminal activity. Escape to the luxury of your room, no tunneling required.

3. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam
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This hotel looks like a stack of traditional Zaanse houses, a kind of architectural Jenga. But don’t worry, it’s completely safe. Do you want to be a tourist in your own country? Then this hotel is a great way to experience traditional Dutch architecture without sacrificing your comfort.

4. Crane Hotel Faralda

crane hotel
Crane Hotel Faralda

For those who hate heights, skip this one. The Crane Hotel Faralda in Amsterdam is located in a former crane. With luxurious suites and incredible views of the city, this hotel is literally on a higher level.

5. SS Rotterdam

ss hotel
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Have you ever wanted to sleep on a ship without getting seasick? The ss Rotterdam is a former cruise ship that has been transformed into a hotel. The only hotel with a swimming pool in the list of unique hotels in the Netherlands, on the deck of course. With restaurants, bars and even an onboard theater, you can enjoy the luxury of a cruise without leaving the dock.

6. Hotel Nassau Breda

This beautiful hotel in Breda is housed in a renovated monastery. It’s the perfect mix of sacred and hedonistic. Pray for a good night’s sleep in your luxurious room, or sin with a cocktail at the bar. It’s all possible at the Hotel Nassau.

7. The Lady of Stavoren – Sleeping in a wine barrel

Wine lovers, this one is for you. In De Vrouwe van Stavoren you can sleep in a huge wine barrel. It’s the perfect way to take your love of wine to the next level. And no, unfortunately, the barrels are not filled with wine. I checked.

8. Euromast Rotterdam


If you are not afraid of heights, the Euromast in Rotterdam is the place to spend the night. The luxurious hotel room is located at a height of 100 meters with a panoramic view of the city. You can literally watch the city skyline from your bed. It’s like being on top of the world, but with room service.

9. The Pier Suites Scheveningen

Pier Suites Scheveningen

Imagine falling asleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to an unparalleled view of the sea. Sounds like a dream? At De Pier Suites in Scheveningen it becomes reality. These luxurious suites are located on the famous Scheveningen Pier, above the North Sea.

10. Airplane Suite Teuge

Finally, a plane you do want to sleep in. In Teuge you will find a converted airplane suite where you can spend the night. The suite is fully equipped, including a sauna and minibar. It’s the perfect place for a layover, without the hassle of airplane food and turbulence.

These are 10n unique overnight stays in the Netherlands. Whether you want to sleep in a cube, a barrel of wine, a crane or an airplane, the Netherlands has it all. Forget the traditional hotels, it’s time to take your lodging to the next level. Literally, in some cases!

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