Top 10 Bizarre Holidays You’ll Want To Put In Your Diary

Every year has 365 days, and it seems that nowadays every day has its own unique celebration. Some of these holidays are quite bizarre, yet fascinating. Here are ten of the most unusual holidays you’ll want to put on your calendar.

International Puzzle Day (January 29)


Who doesn’t like a good puzzle? Be it a crossword puzzle, Sudoku or Rubik’s Cube, puzzles of all kinds are celebrated on this day. Put on your thinking cap and celebrate this day with a puzzle marathon!

World Nutella Day (February 5)

nutella day
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This is the perfect day to celebrate your love for the heavenly hazelnut and chocolate spread. Spread some Nutella on your toast, pancakes or, you know what, just eat it with a spoon. We will not judge.

Pi Day (March 14)


If you are a math enthusiast, this is the day for you. Celebrated on 3/14 (the American format of the date), it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for this irrational number. Don’t forget to eat a piece of pie (or ‘pie’ in English, a play on words)!

World Toilet Day (November 19)

toilet day

Believe it or not, this day was established by the United Nations to raise awareness about global sanitation issues. You could celebrate this day by being thankful for your functioning toilet or by donating to an organization dedicated to improved sanitation.

International Day of Naked Gardening (First Saturday in May)

gardening naked

Yes, you read that right. This day is all about being one with nature – and we mean REALLY being one with nature. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to those sensitive spots!

Towel Day (May 25)

Fans of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” know the importance of a good towel. It’s not just a desiccant, it’s also a pillow, a weapon, and even a disguise. So grab your towel and be prepared for anything.

Bubble blowing day (first Sunday of May)

Bubble blowing day

On this day you are encouraged to go outside and blow bubbles. It’s the perfect day to unleash your inner child and enjoy the simple joy of blowing soap bubbles.

International Pillow Fight Day (first Saturday in April)

pillow fight
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Put on your pajamas, grab your pillow and get ready for battle. There’s no better way to blow off steam than a pillow fight.

World Emoji Day (July 17)

emoji day

From classic smileys to the latest additions, emojis have transformed the way we communicate. Celebrate this day by using only emojis in your messages. It’s a fun challenge, but beware of misunderstandings – an eggplant isn’t always an eggplant!

World Useless Facts Day (July 30)

fact day

Do you want to amaze others with your knowledge of unusual facts? Then this is your day. And you know what? If you ever wonder where you get all these useless facts from, know that there is a great website called Here you will find a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics. From the top 10 famous pirates to the top 10 bizarre holidays, this website is your best friend on World Useless Facts Day!

Grab your calendar 2024 and put these dates in it. This way you can turn every day into a party. Live, laugh, celebrate and make sure you always have Nutella on hand for World Nutella Day!

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