tips for managing kids’ use of technology

Keeping kids away from technology is almost impossible these days. They are becoming eligible at an increasingly younger age with technology, such as smartphones, game consoles, tablets and computers. It’s good to limit your child’s screen time to prevent him or her from becoming too addicted and constantly in front of the screen. Do you want to properly manage your child’s use of technology? The following tips will help you on your way!

Make clear agreements

To manage your child’s use of technology, it’s smart to make clear agreements. The better and more specific the agreements are, the greater the chance that your child will actually keep them. Make agreements about screen time and activities on their devices and explain why it is not good to be in front of a screen all the time.

Set parental controls

Another tip to limit your child’s screen time is to set up parental controls. Some devices offer you that option and as a parent you can benefit greatly from it. With this function it is possible to restrict access to certain functions, websites or apps. This way you can be sure that your child will not just break the agreements and you will prevent him or her from using a function, app or website that you do not support.

You can control the use of technology not only at home, but also when you are on holiday, for example. If you want to have access to the internet anytime, anywhere, then mobile WiFi (Mifi) is recommended. This allows you to create your own WiFi network using a portable WiFi router, wherever you are. This connection can be secured with your own password. If you want to prevent your child from spending too much time behind the screen while on holiday, it is possible that you do not share that password with him or her.

Set a good example yourself

Of course, it doesn’t seem fair to your child if you are constantly working on your smartphone, tablet or computer. To better manage the use of technology, it is therefore important to set a good example yourself. A child often adopts habits quickly, which increases the chance that they will spend more time behind a screen. Therefore, try to limit your own use as well.

Provide alternatives

Another good tip is to provide alternatives. Encourage other activities as much as possible, so that it is clear that not everything revolves around technology. Think of, for example, playing outside, playing games, reading, doing crafts or drawing. Such activities stimulate the development of your child and that is positive.

With these tips above, it’s possible to better manage your child’s use of technology. If you keep a good overview, you will prevent him or her from becoming addicted to using various devices. Although technology can no longer be ignored in society, it is certainly still possible to stimulate other activities for children.

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