This new Dutch thriller is on Netflix from today

Can’t a movie be exciting enough for you and don’t you quickly dive under a blanket when it gets too scary? Then you will absolutely be happy with this new release. As of today you can watch the Dutch thriller Faithfully Yours on Netflix. And, believe us when we say that this thriller is definitely another one for your list.

Faithfully Yours new Dutch thriller Netflix
Source: Faithfully Yours | Dutch Filmworks

Faithfully Yours

You may have seen or even seen Faithfully Yours before. The film was shown in theaters last year, but from today you can also watch it from your couch at home on Netflix. In the film you follow the two friends Bodil and Isabel, played by Bracha van Doesburgh and Elise Schaap. They are both not always completely faithful to their own husband and regularly have a nice weekend with someone else. But because they help each other, no one finds out.

At least that was the plan, but of course that can’t go well forever. Because when the girls decide to have a ‘fun’ weekend at the Belgian coast, Isabel suddenly goes missing. As a result, Bodil gets even further entangled in lies, because she would be with Isabel this weekend, wouldn’t she? She does everything she can to keep the truth hidden. But how long she will keep that up remains to be seen.

Dutch movies on Netflix

Dutch films have a bit of an image that they are always bad films. But trust us, this is not always the case. Not with Faithfully Yours, but certainly not with other Dutch films on Netflix. For example, the film Stromboli, in which the actress Elise Schaap also plays, is a real gem that you should not miss.

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