This is why TikTokkers massively put micellar water in a spray bottle

Like us, you probably just use micellar water in the ‘normal’ way. You first put the micellar water on a cotton ball and then remove your make-up. But apparently we’ve always been doing it the wrong way. On TikTok we found out that you can also put micellar water in a spray bottle. And believe us when we say it really is one game changer is.

Micellar water spray life hack TikTok
Source: @atosaaghakhani

Micellar water in spray bottle

When we came across this on TikTok, we really thought: “Why didn’t we ever come up with this ourselves?” Because let’s be honest, this is a very smart idea. Because of this you will never again have to put too much or too little micellar water on your wimp. It is also not difficult at all to do this lifehack to perform yourself.

All you need is a spray bottle to pour your micellar water into. If you then want to remove your make-up, do not put the micellar water on a cotton ball first, but spray it directly on your face. When you have sprayed micellar water all over your face, you can easily remove all your make-up with a cotton ball.

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