This is THE way to get beautiful, long hair

Okay, the start of the new year may be the excuse for a whole new haircut. You can go for a short bob (view the most beautiful inspiration for short hair here), but if you want to let your long locks grow longer, we understand that too. You can eat different things to make your hair grow faster (see here what you want to stock up for that) or you can shop other products that give you a helping hand. Use this on Sunday and you can use it all week. Beautiful and long locks guaranteed!

The shampoo and conditioner from this brand are really great. They make your hair look healthy and they moisturize your hair very well. Thanks to these products, your hair ends will break less quickly, which ensures that you can postpone your hairdresser visit a little longer. Yes, please.

If you have long hair, you probably also often have tangles. Very annoying. After using the Mane ‘N Tail shampoo and conditioner, you can spray this spray in your hair. Then brush it and your tangles will disappear like snow in the sun, without breaking your hair.

Massage this foam into wet hair after showering for lots of volume and beautiful curls. Extra nice: it smells like coconut.

This creates a beautiful “undone” hair look that the French love so much (and we do too). You spray it in your hair and you will notice that your hair stays in shape better, but looks super casual.

Do you often blow dry your hair after showering? Try to do it less often as it won’t make your hair much healthier. You can dry your hair better by gently rubbing your hair half dry with a towel or paper towel. Then divide your hair into two sections and secure them with these rubber bands before you go to sleep. These elastics are gentle on your hair and do not damage your hair. Also useful if you often wear your hair in a ponytail. (And that’s how you make your tail look even longer).

Another great hair product in a small jar. Put a little of the product on your fingers and run it through your hair. This prevents frizz at the end of the day (or before your day starts) and makes your hair shiny and soft while keeping it in shape!


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