this is the effect of drinking alcohol on your skin

This month NSMBL is all about beauty and we share our beauty and skincare hacks. This time we tell you what the actual effects of alcohol are on the skin. For example, a glass of processo, Aperol Spritz or just a cold beer from time to time should of course be possible. But the effects of alcohol on your body unfortunately don’t look so rosy. And this is what your skin actually thinks of it.

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These are the effects of alcohol on your skin

Did you look a little too deep into the glass last weekend? Then this can entail all kinds of health problems. Alcohol is the panacea for fun and at the same time poison for your health. You can read more about the effects of alcohol on the skin here.

premature skin aging

You may recognize the feeling of dehydration after a night out. You have a headache and the only thing you really feel like is water. Alcohol stimulates dehydration and that is also the reason that you have to go to the toilet so often on a night out. This not only dries out your body, but also your skin. The amount of moisture from the skin decreases and the visibility of lines and wrinkles increases. If you drink regularly, alcohol can also lead to chronic dehydration. And that can have the effect that you have to deal with wrinkles early on.


The skin is also not safe for the appearance of pimples as soon as you have gone wild for a night. Many drinks contain alcohol, which can cause breakouts. Drying out the skin can also cause the skin to stimulate the production of sebum, resulting in pimples. If you are dealing with pimples as a result of alcohol consumption, they will mainly arise around the eyebrows and on the forehead.

Veins and redness

Unfortunately, the effects of alcohol on the skin go beyond skin aging and pimples. For example, alcohol causes the blood vessels of the skin to widen. The visibility of veins increases, making the skin redder. Excessive alcohol consumption can even cause the blood vessels to burst, resulting in permanent redness.

Fluid retention above and below the eyes

Because the skin dries out due to alcohol, the organs try to retain as much moisture as possible in response. That sounds positive, but at the same time it can cause puffiness and fluid accumulations around the eyes. Fluid retention is therefore also the reason that you sometimes wake up with quite a swollen face after a night of drinking.

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NSMBL’s beauty month: this is the effect of drinking alcohol on your skin

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