This is Monique Westenberg’s handsome brother

It is now impossible to imagine the juice channels without Monique Westenberg. After all, things don’t always go smoothly for her. Fortunately, she has a very nice family that she can fall back on. And coincidentally there is also one hottie between. Meet Monique Westenberg’s handsome brother!

brother of Monique Westenberg
Source: Instagram @moniquenoell

How can you know Monique Westenberg from?

Well, it’s rather special if you’ve never heard of Monique Westenberg. Monique Westenberg regularly appears on the news and on various juice channels, because she has an on-again, off-again relationship with the well-known André Hazes Junior, in other words: Dré Hazes. The two have been in a relationship for years with short or long breaks. The couple recently announced that they are back together. André then shared an intimate photo with Monique and wrote a pretty declaration of love. Love is in the air… again!

The love life of the two is troubled, but the two keep meeting again and again in seventh heaven. Something that is nice for the son they have together. That way they can be a real family.

The brother of Monique Westenberg

Monique Westenberg is known to be a real family person so she shares some snaps of her precious family every now and then. We now know that she actually secretly has a very handsome brother. But unfortunately ladies: her brother has long since found his dream woman, so we don’t stand a chance ourselves.

If we are to believe the posts on Instagram, Monique is very close with her brother, Mathieu. But not only with her brother, because his wife, Jerney, is also a good friend of hers. The couple has three beautiful daughters. It is clearly in the genes, because both parents also shine.

View a number of snapshots of the nice family and the handsome brother of Monique Westenberg below:

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