This is how you organize a nice baby shower

You see a baby shower more and more often and it is a nice way to surprise someone who is pregnant. It is originally an American tradition that we have adopted in the Netherlands and it is a special party to put the expectant mother in the spotlight. Are you planning to organize a baby shower, below I have collected a number of tips to give you a helping hand.

The best time for a baby shower

When organizing a baby shower, it is useful to immediately look for a suitable date. Normally a baby shower is organized between 25 and 32 weeks, but you can of course plan a date that is most suitable for you. If you have a date, it is also useful to invite people, you can do this with the help of an original card. It is extra nice that it remains a surprise for the expectant mother, of course make sure that she can go on the chosen date and ensure that she keeps this day free with the help of her partner or family.

What practical matters do you need to arrange?

There are a number of things, besides determining a suitable date, that need to be arranged. For example a location, for example if you do it in a restaurant then it is important to book this in time. Naturally, a baby shower also includes delicious food, such as a cake, pie, cupcakes and, for example, savory snacks. Are you going to outsource this or do you want to do it yourself?

Nice baby shower gift ideas

At a baby shower it is also nice to surprise the pregnant woman with gifts, especially think of something that will be of use to the expectant parent(s). Do you want the guests to all bring something themselves or is it also nice to give a joint gift. For example, it is very nice to fill a basket with different things such as hydrophilic cloths, diapers, baby clothes, story books, toys and fine care products.

Hema baby clothing is also highly recommended, because of the good price-quality ratio.

Choose a nice theme

A nice theme is certainly part of a baby shower and it is nice to dress up the location in a certain theme. Nice themes for a baby shower are, for example, pastel colors, jungle, bohemian or gold metallic. Nowadays you can buy very nice baby shower disposable tableware and decorations in most online party stores. It is also nice to have the theme reflected in the food and, for example, also think of a dress code for the guests.

Baby shower activities

In addition to a lot of fun with a snack and drink, it is also fun to come up with activities for the baby shower. For example, it is a good idea to play different games such as a quiz with all kinds of questions about pregnancy and children, make a special pregnancy 30 seconds or, for example, let everyone guess the name and date of birth. If you are not into games, it might also be fun to do a workshop together. For example, making a cake or chocolate bonbons or how about a mocktail workshop? Also make sure you take beautiful photos during the shower, very nice as a souvenir and special to give as a gift afterwards.

With these tips above, it will certainly be a special baby shower that you will undoubtedly know how to surprise someone who is pregnant!

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