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Are you an influencer who has to make a post more often for a collaboration? Are you someone with multiple accounts? Or maybe you want to share that nice post where you are standing up with someone else? Previously, we could only re-share these posts on stories. But since a while you can also post a post on someone else’s account, with Instagram Collab. How? You can read that here!

Create Instagram collab

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your profile

To get started, open the Instagram app on your smartphone and go to your profile by tapping the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Create a Reel or Post

In your profile, tap the ‘+’ sign to create a new post or click directly on the ‘+’ sign in the bottom bar. Choose to create a Reel or Message.

Step 3: Edit your message

Then select the correct video or photo with which you want to create a Post or Reel. Do you still want to edit the photo? You can now do this by having it adjusted automatically or by editing the message yourself by clicking on ‘edit’. Do you think the message is ok? Then click directly on ‘next’.

Step 4: Add text to your Post or Reel

If you want to add text or hashtags to your post, you can now do so by clicking on ‘Write a caption’.

Step 5: Tag people

To create a collaboration, click on ‘tag people’. Then click ‘Invite Contributor’. Please note: you can only choose 1 person as a contributor! Do you choose multiple accounts? Then only 1 of these accounts is the contributor and the message will only end up on your page and 1 other.

Step 6: Post message

Click ‘Done’. Click “Share.”

Step 7: Wait for acceptance

The account chosen as a contributor must accept this. When this is done, the username of that account will be added to the reel or post. This is then also shared with their followers and displayed on that profile.

Good to know with a collaboration post on Instagram

Note: the likes and comments on the post will be added together on both accounts.

The original author of the Post or Reel retains the rights. Does this account delete the message or even the account? Then the Post or Reel will also be removed from the contributor’s account. Also, if the author sets the account to ‘private’, only these followers can continue to see the Post or Reel on the contributor’s account.

So… do you have a partnership with another account or company? Or do your friends want to share the same post? Then post a post or reel with a contributor tag 😉

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