this is how you drink this royally approved drink

Although we Beau Mondes are mainly into bubbles and rosé, a good glass of whiskey is also absolutely welcome from time to time. The classic drink has also been popular with the royals for years – but let’s face it: it takes some time to learn how to enjoy the smoky drink like royalty. We explain how to do that. Cheers!


Whiskey has been loved by British royals for centuries. For example, the nineteenth-century King George IV is said to have urged his staff to provide him with a large portion of Scotch whiskey – even though the stuff was not legal at all at the time.

The well-known brand The Famous Grouse has also had a real Royal Warrant since 1984, and in 2014 the then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or pardon: the Duke and Countess of Strathearn, as they were called in Scotland) visited it to buy their own bottle. malt to bottle.

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Charles, who of course prefers to stroll through Scotland in a kilt all year round, also seems to be a fan.

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Learn to drink

Anyway, what should you pay attention to when choosing the perfect whiskey. Whiskey can be divided into four categories. First of all, it is determined whether the malt is dried on coal or on peat. Smoky versus non-smoky is therefore a first dichotomy.

In addition, the type of barrel also plays a crucial role when it comes to the taste. Characteristic of European oak barrels is that the alcohol takes over the aromas of the wood. You will immediately recognize a woody aroma in this type of whisky. On the other hand, there are American barrels, which are burned inside. This gives the sugars in the wood the chance to dissolve in the drink. This creates a sweeter result, often with notes of honey and vanilla. In short: smoky or non-smoky, and woody or sweet – you have several options.

If one whiskey is not to your liking, check out how it was created. You may like a sweeter or less sweet copy. And who knows: maybe a drink with the Windsor seal of approval totally your thing. Is something different from the standard glass of bubbles or wine.

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