This is how you cut a cauliflower (or broccoli) without a mess

Love cauliflower or broccoli, but not so crazy about the mess that comes with cutting? Good news: in this article we share a handy trick to cut these vegetables without turning your kitchen into a battlefield.

Yep: cutting cauliflower without mess is really possible.

Cutting cauliflower and broccoli is childhood sentiment

We can only vaguely remember, but one of our first cutting tasks in the kitchen was to tackle cauliflower or broccoli. Very carefully all roses had to be about the same size. Now we know better: our parents simply gave us the chores they dreaded the most. Because that mess after cutting a cauliflower or broccoli is unparalleled.

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Cutting cauliflower without mess: it’s possible

Still, we love cauliflower and broccoli. The cutting remains a kriem until now, but that is about to change. There is a trick that ensures that you can cut cauliflower (and broccoli) without mess. If only we knew this years ago!

Proceed as follows: put the cauliflower upside down, so with the florets on your cutting board. Then cut around the trunk in the round. Make sure that the tip of your knife does not touch the cutting board. You will notice that the florets are separating from the trunk. Some will stay large, others will fall right into the perfect size. You can still cut the larger roses by hand. Only cut into the small stem of the rose and then ‘break’ the rose loose. This way you can cut cauliflower without mess.

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What to do with a cauliflower stem or leaves?

When we eat cauliflower or broccoli, we are often left with the rather large stem and leaves. It often ends up in the garbage can, while that is a great shame. For example, use a cauliflower or broccoli stem in a vegetable broth or cut slices off, marinate them in a tasty oil with some spices and roast in the oven.

You can also eat the broccoli or cauliflower stem raw in a salad. Our favorite leftover recipe? Cook the logs until tender and then puree. Cauliflower puree has never tasted so good!

Tasty recipes with cauliflower or broccoli:

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This is how you cut a cauliflower (or broccoli) without making a mess of your kitchen

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