This affordable Volvo used car has a 98% safety score

For many buyers of a second-hand car, safety is of paramount importance. That is why today we highlight a somewhat solid, but proven safe occasion: the Volvo V40.

The Volvo V40 was in production from 2012 to 2019. It was a popular car, so there is now a large selection on the second-hand market. You pay between 7,000 and 30,000 euros for a used car with a petrol engine.

Safety score of 98% for Volvo V40

In its first year, the Volvo V40 was put through its paces by the Euro NCAP. This is the organization that tests cars for their safety and then assigns a number of stars to them. The now affordable occasion has received the full five stars.

Volvo V40 occasion safe affordable affordable safety
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A good score, but with five stars the occasion is not unique. Today, five stars are achieved on a continuous basis. Cars are very safe these days. Nevertheless, the C-segmenter excels with its score, especially in the field of safety for adult occupants. Here the Volvo V40 achieved a score of no less than 98 percent.

“During the frontal impact, the compartment where the persons sit remained stable,” writes Euro NCAP in the study results. “In studying the dummies, the knees and thighs of those in the front appear to be well protected in a frontal crash.” The crash test organization indicates that the Volvo V40 even achieved maximum points in the side impact test. In addition, you are protected as well as possible against whiplash in the event of a blow from behind.

Another affordable Volvo used car

Furthermore, the safety of child seats, pedestrian safety and other safety systems were examined. The Volvo V40 scored sufficient or good in all these areas. Volvo maintains its image with this affordable second-hand car. When you think of safe cars, you quickly think of the Swedish brand. Are you looking for a more traditional Volvo? That might be the model for you. You can also cheaply convert this into a camper.

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This affordable Volvo used car has a 98% safety score

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