These tips will make your legs tan much faster

A sun kissed glow is high on our wish list this summer. Have your legs not seen much sun in recent months and would you like to look a little browner? We share some tips!

1. Water

You tan faster on the water than on land. While floating on your air mattress, you catch more sun rays through the reflection of the water, so that you tan faster. However, make sure to apply good sunscreen when you go out on the water, because it also burns you extra quickly.

2. Exfoliate

Are you sunbathing? Then subject your legs to an extra good scrubbing session. Because you scrub away the dead skin cells, the sun can reach your skin better and you also get a more even tan. You have to invest some time in the preparation, but then you also have something!

3. Eat tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes

Tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes contain a lot of carotene. And you might not expect it, but this does a lot of good for a nice one sun kissed skin. By eating a lot of carotene, which is in these foods, that tan will start faster. We know what to throw in our shopping basket next time!

4. Be patient

Patience is a virtue, even if you want to tan. You don’t get beautiful, and healthy, brown skin in an hour. So don’t bake and roast like crazy in the full sun, because that is absolutely not good for your skin. Build up the tan slowly for the best and longest lasting effect. And don’t forget to apply good sunscreen, because even then you will get a long lasting color and is less harmful to your skin.

5. Moisturizer

After you have spent a whole day on the water with a well-scrubbed (and rubbed in) skin, it is time to take care of the skin again. This time with a moisturizer. This remedy is not only good for sunburned skin, but it is best to always apply after a day of sunbathing. It helps your skin not to shed, so you keep that desired tan for longer.

Last but not least: Your health comes first, of course. If strolling in the sun is not an option for you, there are of course countless products that can still provide a sunny glow over your legs. And if that’s not your thing either: a spot under the parasol with an ice-cold rosé next to it isn’t bad either, n’est-ce pas?

Source: Beau Monde | Image: RF Studio (Pexels)

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