These preparations make Monday at work a lot better

If Monday were a person, it would be one pushy and annoying little guy who is always too early at parties. In one way or another, Monday is experienced by many as a boring day. But what if that doesn’t have to be the case at all? These preparations will help you get off to a good start next week.

Going into Monday without stress, that’s a nice start.

You do these things on Friday for a good start on Monday

A good start is half the work. You do these preparations on Friday for a nice kick-off on Monday. Bye, Sunday scaries!

1. Plan your Monday well

It makes sense that during your working week there are tasks that you don’t get around to – and that automatically become a ‘thing for next’ week. If you start Monday with these tasks, you will lose the overview from the first moment. Therefore, schedule time in your calendar for next week to tackle these tasks. This way you start the week with a clean slate.

2. Prepare any meetings

Nothing is more stressful than going into a meeting unprepared. Therefore prepare your appointments from Monday to Friday, so that you can go through your first working day with a relaxed feeling.

3. Tidy up your workplace

Starting the week with a clean slate also means starting your week with a clean workplace. Therefore, tidy up your workplace for a tidy head on Monday morning. Working your way through last week’s papers and junk is not chill.

4. Tidy up your digital workplace

Your digital workplace can also use a cleaning after a busy week. Before you log out on Friday afternoon, it is nice to have updated your mail, cleaned up your desktop and saved your documents in the right folders. Trust us, the you on Monday is going to be very grateful to the you on Friday.

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Hate Monday? You do these things on Friday for a nice start after the weekend

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