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Today marks exactly five years since Prince Harry and his Meghan Markle tied the knot. But before they found each other, several girlfriends went and flings in advance for the Duke of Sussex. We list them all for you. From unconfirmed dating rumours to serious relationships.

1. Natalie Pinkham (2003)

Natalie Pinkham, a British sports presenter, had a brief relationship with the prince in 2003. If we Us Weekly must believe anyway. While much has never come out about the relationship, they are said to have always remained friends after the brief fling.

Natalie Pinkham
Natalie Pinkham in 2005 (Image: NL Image)

Pinkham is now married and has two children. Incidentally, the Duke of Sussex is not Natalie’s only royal connection.

For example, the presenter is also good friends with Princess Anne’s children, and she has been spotted more than once at equestrian events alongside Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, as shown here on the left in the photo in 2022.

Natalie Pinkham
Image: NL Image

2.Cassie Sumner (2003)

Before Cassie met the Prince in Chinawhite (a nightclub in London) in 2003, she also had a relationship with actor Russell Brand. She shared the story of her night with the prince with The Daily Mail. We keep it classyNaturally.

Cassie Sumner
Image: NL Beels

“He made eye contact as I stood at the bar and invited me to join his friends at a private table. Soon he started hugging me”, is how she started her story. Cassie says she did not like a relationship with the prince. “I don’t see myself being invited for tea with Prince Charles and Camilla,” she said at the time.

3. Chelsy Davy (2004 – 2011)

The relationship between Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry is the ultimate definition of a flashing light relationship, but a serious one. Chelsy, born in Zimbabwe, is regarded as Harry’s first serious girlfriend. She met the Queen and accompanied Harry to Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding. At The Times she revealed that the attention was too much for her: “It was like that full on. Crazy, terrifying and uncomfortable. I found it very difficult when things got bad. I couldn’t deal with that.”

In Save Harry also looks back on the sad end of their relationship. “Chels said again that she didn’t know if she could handle this. Being stalked for a lifetime? What could I say against that? I would miss her so much. But I understood her desire for freedom. If I had the option, I wouldn’t have chosen this life either,” the prince wrote.

chelsy davy
Image: NL Image

The two are still good friends, and in 2018, Chelsy was one of the guests at Harry’s wedding to Meghan. She is now also happily married to hotelier Sam Cutmore-Scott, and they have one son together: Leo.

4. Astrid Harbord (2009)

astrid harbord
Image: NL Image, BrunoPress

Astrid Harbord is a friend of Kate Middleton. In 2009, she was temporarily linked to Prince Harry, during his on-again, off-again relationship with Chelsy. The now defunct scandal newspaper News Of The World reported at the time that they had a night of partying at a club before leaving for Clarence House together at around 3am. Juicy!

5. Caroline Flack (2009)

The now-deceased Caroline Flack was reportedly introduced to Prince Harry in 2009 by Natalie Pinkham (there she is again). She would have nicknamed the prince ‘jam’ “because his hair is the color of jam and because he is very sweet,” Caroline told friends.

harry ex carolina flack
Caroline Flack in December 2009. (Image: NL Image)

Like Chelsy, Caroline would soon have found the attention too much. In her autobiography, she wrote: “As soon as the story came out, we couldn’t see each other anymore. I was no longer Caroline Flack, the TV presenter, but Carolien Flack, Prince Harry’sbit or rough‘.”

6.Mollie King (2010)

The English Mollie works as a singer, songwriter and model, and is best known as one of the members of the inactive girl group The Saturdays. She is said to have met Harry at the Asprey World Class Cup in Surrey.

molly king
On-stage at a performance by The Saturdays in 2010 (Image: NL Image)

She told Closer about him: “Yes, I met him and we went for a drink.” Harry would eventually break up with Mollie because she was too open about the relationship.

7. Camilla Rome Beach (2010)

In 2010, Prince Harry was suddenly linked to Scandinavian rock chick Camilla Rome beach. The two would have found each other after his romance with Chelsy Davy came to an end again – this time permanently.

camilla romestrand
In 2010 on the red carpet. (Image: NL Image)

It seems that the Norwegian rock singer told friends that she spent the night with Harry at Clarence House in 2010. Not only that, he also allegedly brought her breakfast in bed. Harry hasn’t said anything about it, but the relationship wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

8. Florence Brudenell-Bruce (2011)

After his break with Chelsy, a short relationship with Florence Brudenell-Bruce, nicknamed ‘Flea’, also followed. In Save Harry looks back wistfully on their brief relationship. For example, he describes their first weeks together as ‘idyllic’: “We saw each other often, laughed a lot, and nobody knew about it.” But soon this turns. “Flea called me in tears. There were eight paparazzi outside her apartment. They had chased her through half of London.”

florence brudenelle bruce
Florence in September 2011. (Image: NL Image)

Here too, the media attention would have become too much for the young woman. “Flea kept saying, ‘I can’t handle this.’” Harry wrote. Florence is now married to Henry St George, a banker with millions in the bank, and Florence is committed as mental healthcoach, creative prodigy, designer, and businesswoman.

9.Cressida Bonas (2012 – 2014)

Prince Harry’s second serious girlfriend was Cressida Bonas, to whom he was introduced by Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. Cressida is an actress and worked as a model for Burberry and Mulberry, among others.

cressida bonas
Next to good friend Princess Eugenie at one wedding. (Image: NL Image)

In Save Harry writes that Cressida had an important role in eventually coming to terms with his mother’s death. For example, he remembers crying about the tragic loss for the first time in a conversation with ‘Cress’.

Yet the relationship does not last. For example, the Duke of Sussex writes that he realized that they were not a match, and that he therefore decided to call it a day. “She nodded,” recalls the prince, “It didn’t seem to surprise her at all. She had already thought about this.”

10. Ellie Goulding (2015)

It could well be that Prince Harry and singer Ellie Goulding are only friends, but they do have a history together. Ellie sang at William and Kate’s wedding reception and also at the 2014 Invictus Games.

ellie goulding
At a performance in 2015. (Image: NL Image)

In 2015, the couple were spotted cozying up under a blanket at a polo match and when Ellie is asked about her relationship with the Prince, she can never really deny anything. But in 2016, Harry met Meghan and the rest… is history.

Source: Town & Country, CBS, Spare, Beau Monde archive | Image: BrunoPress

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