These gadgets are worth your vacation money

These gadgets are worth your vacation money

The month of May is an extra festive month for many, not because the sun will (hopefully) show itself a little more then, but mainly because many employers will then transfer the holiday pay. Fewer and fewer people actually use this money for a holiday. Yet it is also a pity that you just throw this extra pocket money on the ‘big mountain’ and don’t do anything special with it. Because let’s face it; you worked hard all year for it. Spending your holiday money on something special is therefore a very good idea, as you reward yourself for a year of dedication and hard work. As tech enthusiasts, investing in a gadget is a great idea. But which gadgets are worth your money this year? Read on quick.

Simply the best

When we look objectively at all phones and telephone providers at the moment, we can only conclude that Apple is the crème de la crème. Many people think that the price you pay for this is also sky high, but that is not too bad today. For example, the iPhone 14 from BEN, including a good subscription, is already for sale at an attractive rate. What makes the iPhone 14 so good? Think of the best cameras of the moment (yes, there are several), the best screen, the fastest operating system and a very long-lasting battery. Because this iPhone has been developed with a view to the increasing interest in sustainability. A present for yourself, which you will probably still have some of your holiday money left over.

Nice and sporty

Nice and sporty

The importance of a healthy lifestyle and exercise is more than ever a hot topic. As a tech enthusiast, you may be just a little more than good for you because you work online or play a lot. Nothing wrong with that, but it is good to find a healthy balance in it. Technology can also help you with this. How? By purchasing addictively fun gadgets such as a specific sports watch or a regular smartwatch. The latest generation of phones already have standard apps that give you insight into your sports performance. This makes you extra motivated – literally – to put your best foot forward. When you go for the latest generation sports watch, you will get very accurate data, right down to your oxygen intake. Fun and very motivating!

Well read

Did you know that you can not only read books on an e-reader, but also magazines and even newspapers? An e-reader is therefore a perfect way to spend your holiday money, because it is the gadget you want to take with you on a trip. Reading your trusted newspaper every morning in the sun on an Italian terrace with a fresh cappuccino, that is the ultimate holiday feeling. With the latest generation of e-readers, you won’t be bothered by reflected sunlight or other influences. It’s not inferior to paper, but then you swipe instead of turning pages.

In short, spending your holiday money on yourself and your gadget wish list is a good choice. This is how you reward yourself with a gift for another year of hard work. It will also promote your holiday joy and perhaps your health. Need more arguments?

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